Our Community

Middleton Primary School is a vital member of our local community. We teach our children to take pride in where they live and we provide opportunities for our children to look after Middleton, by participating in litter picks organised by The Parks Trust. Our pupils also participate in events organised in the local area; for example, our school choir regularly sings at events such as the MK Village Hall Lantern Festival.

In addition, we support a wide range of charities, including several in our local community, several UK based charities and also many international ones. Each year group has their own specific charity which they raise money for, through various fund raising events that happen throughout the year. In addition, we have many other whole school events that raise money for varying charities.

Please click on this link to see all the charities that we support: Charities Overview

We also have our 'Friends of Middleton' parent/teacher association that raises funds to support the school. You can find out more about Friends of Middleton, including how you can support them here: