Why Issue Homework?

  • It can inform parents about work in class
  • It can further stimulate enthusiasm for learning
  • It is a good chance to develop parental engagement
  • It is a great opportunity to practise key skills
  • It helps to foster good habits of organisation and self-discipline

Homework at Middleton School

Whilst the school supports all of the above key principles, Middleton is not a school at which homework dominates home and school life. The school accepts that not every activity will capture children and parents’ imagination and that weekends can sometimes be busy. We believe that homework should be enjoyable and manageable for all concerned and that if it becomes a chore or a source of conflict it ceases to be a constructive aspect of teaching and learning. Middleton do not specify amounts of time that must be spent on a task, preferring individual children and families to set their own routines.

Routines and Expectations

  • All classes set English and Maths homework according the year group expectations. Clear instructions for the completing and handing in of homework are communicated to pupils and parents
  • Homework is reconsolidation of what has been covered in class that week. It is the school's intention, and good practice, not to send work home that the child cannot already understans, as parents are not expected to teach new skills
  • Non-core homework is set via the Year Group Pages on the school website at the beginning of each half-term. Each year group will be provided with a range of activities to complete for two non-core curriculum subjects. The aim is for all of the non-core curriculum subjects to be covered over a whole academic year. Each activity will have a challenge should parents wish to extend their child’s learning
  • Non-core homework ensures that pupils develop a deeper and wider breadth of understanding across the curriculum
  • Homework should be completed to the best of the child’s ability
  • Parents are encouraged to support their child with their homework
  • Parents and children should speak with the class teacher if they are unsure about the homework tasks before the due date
  • Homework must be uploaded or handed in by the due date
  • If any issues arise regarding homework, the class teacher will be happy to assist
  • Some homework will be set, uploaded and marked electronically (online games, activities and tasks to complete) so there will be no need to physically hand anything in
  • If families do not have access to a PC or the internet, the class teacher will be happy to provide them with a hard copy
  • There is no expectation for the printing out of homework tasks
  • Children will be awarded Class Dojo (KS1)/raffle tickets (KS2) for completing high quality homework

Year Group Expectations

Year GroupEnglishMathsNon-Core
Letter formation
Set half termly on a rotation of subjects. Should have three choices per subject and a challenge.
1Sentence/SPAG Number work
Number work
Spellzone 30mins
Book club/AR book
Number work
AR book
Activity based on learning
Times tables
5Spellings weekly
Spellzone 20mins
Book club/AR Reading
Activities based on class work
(Two weeks to complete homework)
Spellings – weekly
Spellzone – 20mins weekly
Reading comprehension practise
Book club/AR reading
Two pieces of maths