The co-curriculum is an integral part of the education that Middleton Primary School offers. It embeds skills learnt in the classroom, develops self-esteem and teamwork, as well as builds friendships, enriches and deepens knowledge and taps into unknown potential.

At Middleton we believe that participation in activities that complement our curriculum play a central role in children’s healthy development and helps to enhance citizenship, as well as general educational success, allowing our children to build a tool kit for life in modern Britain beyond our school gates.

We aim to provide children with at least two possible co-curricular clubs/activities per year group, per half term.

During the academic year of 2021-22 73% of our children attended at least one co-curricular activities. This was a 13% increase on the previous year. Some examples of these activities are Art, Chess, Choir, Cookery, Languages and Sports clubs.

Co-Curricular Sports at Middleton

89% of KS2 children represented the school during the academic year of 2021/22. This was achieved through entering a variety of competitions, arranging fixtures with other local sports and inter class tournaments. Throughout the year we were champions in various Cross Country competitions, Swimming and both Badminton and Tennis tournaments. We had 5 students run in the national Cross Country race and won 5 medals at the District athletics events.

Over 440 (70%) children attended a Sporting extra-curricular club during 2021-22. Overall this was a 7% increase and there was an increase in participation in every year group.. Of the 70% who attended clubs, almost 90% of those children accessed more than one club.

Middleton have held a Gold School Games Mark for 5 consecutive years. This meant that we were eligible to apply for the Platinum accreditation this year. We are awaiting a response. The School Games Mark is awarded based on the participation in regular sport and activities as well as the breath of opportunities provided.

Autumn Term Co Curriculum 2022

Spring Term Co Curriculum 2023

Co-curriculum Podcast - March 2023 Mr Hughes is joined by Mr Beaumont to discuss Middleton's co-curriculum - opportunities for children to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Please also enjoy the intro music to our podcast, provided by Alisa, Fleur, Mildred and Nia from Year 6, as well as the outro music, provided by Aarushi (also in Y6)!