The co-curriculum is an integral part of the education that Middleton Primary School offers. It embeds skills learnt in the classroom, develops self-esteem and teamwork, as well as builds friendships, enriches and deepens knowledge and taps into unknown potential.

At Middleton we believe that participation in activities that complement our curriculum play a central role in children’s healthy development and helps to enhance citizenship, as well as general educational success, allowing our children to build a tool kit for life in modern Britain beyond our school gates.

We aim to provide children with at least two possible co-curricular clubs/activities per year group, per half term.  We are currently expanding our offer to further complement our non-core curriculum.

Co-Curricular Sports at Middleton

100% of KS2 children represented the school during the academic year of 2020/21. This is due to participation in virtual events that all children took part in within PE. The school's virtual Quad athletics and Cross Country teams won the Milton Keynes competitions and had medal finishes in the Buckinghamshire County events.

Towards the end of the academic year, 84 children took part in face-to-face competitions and the school achieved five individual medals at the Milton Keynes Primary School Athletics championships.

Over 380 (60%) children attended an extra-curricular club during 2020/21. This is a slight rise on last year’s attendance and is accounted for mainly by the Foundation Teddy Bear Tennis club that started this year (Foundation clubs were unable to start in the previous academic year). Of the 60% who attended clubs, almost 90% of those children accessed more than one club.

The School Games organisers suspended applications for the 2020-21 School Games Mark. Every School maintained their status from the previous year. This means that Middleton maintained Gold status from 2019. The school was hoping to have moved up to Platinum status, and to do so, four consecutive years at Gold needs to be achieved – this would have been our 4th (our current participation and representation figures were already high enough to have secured the Gold Mark). We will be aiming to reach the Platinum Mark for the academic year 2021/22.

Spring Term Co-Curriculum 2022

Autumn Term Co-Curriculum