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Year 6

June 1st 2020


Hello Everyone! 


As of June 2nd, some of you will be coming back to school. If you are coming back to school, we are very excited to see you. If you are not, do not worry, we will make sure you are not left out. 


There are 2 stars below - make sure you click the right star for you! 

Below is all the work we set you from before May half term. Don't forget to look at the book club star! 

In addition BBC Bitesize have put lots of games together which you can play on your laptop or tablet. 

There are lots of interesting activities including learning different languages such as mandarin! 


You have Mrs Moffatt's daily positive thoughts as well for you to look at.



Remember to upload your work to the "my work" section on purple mash, except from your French which still goes on the French blog.



Stay safe! 


Year 6 team