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Year 6

Lots of exciting things to come!


The last term for Year 6 has got many exciting events happening as part of our topic "The Real World". The children are working very hard to prepare for their SATs which are coming up in May. Afterwards, we have lots of visitors coming in are part of "Careers Week" to share with us a variety of different jobs and what skills are required for these jobs. We will also have the chance to be entrepreneurs to raise money in our Fiver Fair. The children are very excited for their residential to the Isle of Wight. Towards the end of the year we also have our production, graduation and disco to celebrate our time here at Middleton. 

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Welcome to Year 6 


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Christmas break - we are very excited to launch our new topic 'Great Britain at War', where we have lots of exciting learning planned about World War II and specifically the Blitz. We will also be learning about light and electricity in science and doing lots of practical investigations. We will be regularly updating Twitter so please see our feeds above for what we are doing in class!


Please note: children will need their PE kit in school every day as well as trainers for The Daily Mile


Oakgrove Theatre Trip: 7th February 




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Black History Month 


As part of Black history month, Year 6 have learnt about the impact Martin Luther King Jr. had on the rights of black people. The children were very inquisitive and enjoyed learning about his life and listening to part of his "I have a dream" speech. They have written a biography about his life and thought about what they would change about the world. 



Year 6 had great fun learning how to be safe riding their bicycles on roads around the school. They learnt how to safely ride avoid parked and moving cars, how to cross a road and turn in a junction. Some of them were even challenged to cycle around a roundabout. 

Lights, camera, action!


Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed creating a documentary about Iceland as part of their topic of "Weird and wonderful world". The children worked in teams to research an area of Iceland and create their script. Using our new blue screen and camera the children took on the roles of camera operator, director, sound operator and actor to create their documentary. Each group's documentary will be edited together and we look forward to seeing the final production. 

Outdoor Learning Week in Year 6

Year 6 Trip to Linford Stone Pits


As part of our learning about evolution, we went to visit the Parks Trust and learnt all about the timeline of our Earth and different rock types, as well as searching for fossils.  We really enjoyed our day (luckily, the weather was kind to us!) and were able to apply what we had learnt when we got back to school, investigating fossil formation. See our photos below!