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Year 6


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely summer holidays - we are very excited to launch our new topic 'The Weird and Wonderful World', where we have lots of exciting learning planned about Iceland, The Galapagos Islands, The Mayan Civilisation, evolution, animals, plants and being a responsible global citizen.  We will be regularly updating Twitter so please see our feeds above for what we are doing in class!

Please note: can children have their PE kit in school everyday as well as trainers for The Daily Mile. 

Parks Trust Trip date: Monday 25th September - more details to follow. 

Year 6 Magistrate Visit

Year 6 enjoyed a visit from two Magistrates; they learnt about the law and court system and took part in a mock trial. The majority thought that the defendant was guilty and they were correct! See our photos below.

Magistrate Visit

Oakgrove Maths Lesson 


Year 6 had a fantastic morning at Oakgrove, learning about scale factors in a secondary school style maths lesson. 

They had to measure their finger size, taking the mean of the group, and then compare that to the measurement of a 'giant's finger'. They then used this to work out the scale factor in order to draw the full size giant to scale!

The children used their arithmetic skills to calculate the mean and the Oakgrove staff were very impressed with their knowledge!

See the photos below. 



Maths at Oakgrove photos

Year 6 Careers Week 


Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic careers week in the week before half term; we had 11 different visitors in to speak to the children about their career and the presentations and demonstrations were incredibly informative and engaging. The children learnt about everything from becoming an air traffic controller to pursuing a career in app development and virtual reality! They were incredibly inspired by what they heard and were a credit to the school, behaving impeccably and asking some excellent questions.

The Year 6 team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the parents who supported the week and made it such a memorable and successful experience for all.

Isle of Wight - Thursday 

What a day! The children have been very busy today fossil hunting this morning. They were so excited whenever they found something; our guide was fantastic at telling them what it was. Afterwards, we had a short bus journey to Blackgang Chine park where they enjoyed the many attractions. The children have been very excited about the disco tonight and looking forward to heading back home tomorrow. 

Isle of Wight - Wednesday 

Despite getting a little bit soggy today, the children have been in great spirits. They thoroughly enjoyed Robin Hill country park. After dinner, we went bowling and again the children were a credit to Middleton. 

Isle of Wight - Tuesday 

We have had a very busy day today. Firstly, we went to learn about the work of the RNLI and how lifeboats are deployed. The children had some very interesting questions to challenge the guides. We then went along to Alum Bay where we could skim stones and hunt for interesting rocks before taking the boat to see The Needles up close. We had lots of sleepy children on the coach journey back to the hotel. Tonight the children are looking forward to going to the theatre. 

Isle of Wight - Monday 

Year 6 have had a very busy day on our trip to the Isle of Wight. Once we arrived in Portsmouth, we went to the Royal Navy museum before eating lunch. After lunch, the children went on the HMS Victory and they had insightful questions about Admiral  Nelson. The ferry journey over was quick and we were able to brave the top deck - even with wind and showers. The children have settled in to our lovely hotel and they were very impressed with their rooms and the food. Once we filled our bellies, we went to play on the beach before bed. We are very excited for the day ahead!

Well done Year 6!


Year 6 are all working incredibly hard to revise for their upcoming SATs exams. Every child is giving 100% effort and we know they will all do themselves proud. Keep it up!


We have lots of exciting things coming up including the Isle of Wight, Careers Week, The Fiver Fair, our production and so much more. Photos to follow...

Oakgrove Maths Workshop 

We had a great morning with some of the maths teachers from Oakgrove Secondary, learning how to solve puzzles and problems. We learnt different methods to solve questions and came up with strategies to solve 'Murder Mystery' style coordinates questions and solve logic puzzles about the order of cars in a traffic jam. We all had a great time and are looking forward to maths at secondary school! 

Oakgrove Maths Workshop

Alan Gibbons

Year 6 had a fantastic - and inspiring - morning working with Alan Gibbons, the famous children's author. We worked on piece of writing called 'Vertigo' and developed a very vivid description of what a city would like from the sky. Alan introduced us all to some new vocabulary helped us to use different grammatical structures for effect. We loved our time with him and learnt a lot that we can't wait to use in our English lessons. 

Alan Gibbons writing workshop

World War II Street Party Day 

Year 6 had a wonderful day celebrating the end of their topic, 'Great Britain at War',  with a Street Party! They finished their 'make do and mend' cushions and ate afternoon tea. See the photos below for all the fun we had! 

Street Party Day Photos

Ecuadorian bread babies 

As part of multi-cultural day and to celebrate the end of our topic this term, we made - from scratch - and Ecuadorian treat. Bread babies (Guaguas de Pan) are a sweet bread which are decorated to look like babies! The children made the bread from scratch and worked together to mix and knead the dough. They they decorated their bread babie using their piping skills. They look very delicious.

Parks Trust Fossil Trip

Oakgrove Maths Workshop


On Monday 31st October, Year 6 went to Oakgrove Secondary School for a maths workshop. They worked in pairs to complete as many maths puzzles and logic problems as they could. They had a fantastic time! See the photos of them hard at work below. 

Oakgrove Maths Workshop



44 children in Year 6 have taken part in the 'Bikeability' program so that they can be safer when cycling in and around school. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and learnt a lot about how to stay safe. 

High fives to check we can control the bike with one hand!

Still image for this video

Practising our control skills on the playground

Still image for this video



This term so far, all sets have been reading Holes, by Louis Sachar. We are really enjoying getting to know the characters and have been doing some fantastic character analysis using our inference skills. Look at our drama work below, where we used our inference skills to create a freeze frame based on Chapter 12.


Miss Cooper's set freeze frames

Topic - Weird and Wonderful World


As part of out topic all about our 'Weird and Wonderful World', we have been learning about Iceland. As part of this unit, we have been learning about tourism and have had a go at creating persuasive TV adverts to visit! See the photos below. 

Iceland TV advert to encourage tourism



In science, we have been investigating how to classify animals using different classification systems. We have also been investigating microorganisms. See our photos below for our experiment into yeast!

Science experiment - the effect of sugar, salt and water on yeast



All sets have been getting to grips with the formal written methods for the 4 operations. Miss Cooper's set have been outside to help them embed long multiplication! See the photos below. 

Miss Cooper's outdoor multiplication challenge!