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Year 5

Day 5

We had a great time at the disco last night. Emily and Darcy played all of our favourite songs and we danced until we were exhausted. We were really tired at the end and were glad to get back to our rooms. We fell asleep quickly.


As part of the survivor activity, each group were given a water bomb to look after for as long as possible. By the end of the day each group's water bomb faced a tragic end except group 3 which survived. "Howard Ponyo" the water bomb is still alive! Will he survive the journey back to Middleton???


After a busy evening, we all struggled to get up the next morning. Before our morning activities, we packed our suitacases and said a final farewell to our rooms. We completed all of the activities with enthusiasm and encouraged our friends eventhough we were tired. We are now going to have lunch and then get on the coach to go home. We have had a brilliant time but are excitied to be going home as we have missed our families. Look forward to seeing you later! 


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Group 3 Day 3

Caythorpe Day 4

This is Kaushik and Dhruv reporting from Caythorpe on Day 4. Firstly today we went to the tunnel trails with Chris. We practised going through little tunnels. We thought that the small tunnels were really hard to go through as they were tiny. We went through some tunnels underground which looked like the Tellytubbies house.


Next we climbed up all aboard. Our instructor was called Tim. He split us up into 3 groups and each group had to help each other get to the top. The tower at the top was really wobbly. Most of us got to the third platform.


We had jacket potato for lunch. Instead of blackcurrant, we had orange squash which tasted like Fanta without the bubbles. It was one of the best lunches we have had all week.


Last we went kayaking with three instructors called Matt, George and Emily. We actually learnt how to kayak before going into the water. When we went into the water, it was really cold. We warmed up when we started to paddle. George taught us how to move in a straight line and spin around on one spot. We had a game of catch the pigeon where we had to try and catch George. It was really hard to catch George as he was a proffessional. Then we played a game of rock, paper, scissors on the kayaks so that we could evolve into different animals. Once we became a human again we had to challenge George or Emily to a game of rock, paper, scissors so that we could evolve into an instructor. It was really wet but it was still really good.


For dinner we had chicken korma with rice or lasagne. Kaushik was still hungry so he went up for seconds from the salad bar. For pudding we had fruit with jelly. Then we went to the shop. It was full of different things to buy such as sweets, stationery and games equipment.


We are looking foward to the disco as it sounds really fun. We are going to wear our best clothes.


We had fun today and are looking forward to tomorrow when we are doing rock climbing and survival.

We have been having a great time here at Caythorpe and have done so many exciting activities. Our favourites are the giant swing, abseiling, raft building and tunnelling. The activities are really exciting but also quite challenging. We all shout words of encouragement to each other and celebrate our successes. We do two activities in the morning and two after lunch. The food is delicious and we have all eaten loads as there is lots of choice. Last night we had chicken goujons and chips followed by jam sponge. Each evening our group leaders put on enterainment. Last night we had a campfire. We sang and danced until 9pm! The songs are so funny and we enjoy singing them around village. The fish song is the best because it is really repeatative and annoys the instructors. We had such a busy day yesterday that we went to sleep easily and the teachers had to wake us up for breakfast. Most of us are kayaking this morning and are looking foward to getting wet. We are also excitied about the disco tonight.

Caythorpe 2014 Day 1 to 3

This is Mille and Mia reporting from Caythorpe. Over the past 24 hours we started our outstanding trip to Caythorpe. We arrived on Monday about lunchtime and sat to eat our lunch. We had been waiting ages to eat! After our lunch we had a run around whilst waiting for our instructors. Darcy and Emily came to meet us. They looked very different to what we are used to!!! They had stripes of coloured face paint all over their faces. They showed us to our dorms. After a tiring day, we had dinner and some evening entertainment. We went to bed. It felt different! That's it for now. We are excited about doing more activities during the rest of the week. 

Caythorpe audio Blog for 28th April

By Lucy B and Sophie E

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to Year 5, we have had an exciting half term. The children have been working really hard on our Sound Topic. Creating our own musical instruments out of recycled Materials. We have really enjoyed our Topic of 20th Century popular culture.  


PE days are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child has the correct kit in school.


Library: we visit the Library on a Monday, this is a chance for the children to take out a library and a reading book.


Homework: weekly homework can be accessed from the Virtual Learning Environment. Homework will be set on Fridays and will need to be returned on Tuesdays. Children will be given one piece of Literacy and one piece of Numeracy each week.

Graffiti Art

In Year 5 we have been exploring the art style of Graffiti using different mediums. The children have created Graffiti art using Chalk.


Chalk Graffiti

Year 5 Topic on Sound


Year 5 have been investigating Sound in this terms topic, and after a lot of work using musical instruments the children have created their own musical instruments using recyled materials

Year 5 Making Musical Intruments from Recycled Materials

Cooking Jacket potatoes

Swallows cooked Jacket potatoes using the micowave, and had a variety of fillings according to personal taste.

Jacket Pototoes