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Year 5

Science Bang

Understanding Forces Through Our Parachutes

In Year 5 science we have been learning about forces, including gravity and air resistance. Earlier in the year we designed and tested water powered rockets and also made parachutes for them in DT. To conclude the topic, we tested our parachutes by dropping them from the top of the small hall and timing their descent. Here are some photos of the event.

Multicultural Day

New Zealand Haka

On Friday 9th December children at Middleton took part in a morning of culture, learning about countries and their customs outside of the UK. In Year 5 we covered Spain and New Zealand. As well as immersing ourselves in the history of New Zealand we also learnt the traditional Maori war dance known as the Haka. The Haka is now performed by the New Zealand All Black rugby team. Here are some photos of children in Year 5 learning the Haka.

Bletchley Park

Thursday 8th December

To end our learning of World War 2 and Code Breaking, Year 5 went to Bletchley Park to learn more about Bletchley's historical and local involvement in the war. We were able to have a go at breaking codes, using the Morse code, Caesar wheels and pig-pen codes - we certainly have some speedy code breakers on our hands! In addition, we were also able to explore the mansion and huts in which codes from the Bombe Machine were broken and explore Alan Turing's hut where many secret messages were deciphered. 

World War 2 Art Week

In our first week back after the half term break our children spent a couple of days developing their artistic skills by learning about and adopting the styles of two famous artists. Maintaining our topic of history - both local and national and of World War 2 in particular, we studied Piet Mondrian and John Piper.

Mondrian was an icon of the Cubism movement and our children applied maths in the measurement and proportionality of their work. This linked into our study of code breaking and using facts and figures to solve learning objectives. Some even used the theme of Milton Keynes grid road system upon which to base their paintings.

John Piper was an official WW2 artist, capturing urban scenes of damage and sorrow. The children used his style to depict the local church in Middleton or Christ the Cornerstone church in CMK as if in a war time setting.

Their work has helped contribute towards a whole school art display and on displays around the Year 5 classrooms.




Year 5’s autumn term topic is ‘Stargazers’. To introduce our topic we had a Space Day! We started off the day’s activities by researching our given planets within our solar system on the learnpads (including the sun and the moon to link with our learning in Science). Next we had a lot of fun trying to create the solar system! The children had to think about the diameter of each planet, the colour and the surface of it. We gathered various materials to create the textures of each planet using multi-media; every alien and astronaut got stuck in!