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Year 4

Spring Term 2020

It’s all Greek to me!


This term we are going to be learning all about the Ancient Greeks, looking at the their way of life and how their civilisation has had a lasting impact on the world. We will be learning about Greek Gods and looking at myths and ledgends in English and Reading. We will also be developing our art skills to help us to create lots of lovely art work that will be displayed at our Greek museum at the end of the term. 



Welcome to Year 4! 



Year 4, the topic is ‘Empires and Eruptions’ where the children will be learning about the Romans and volcanoes. We will be looking at how their Empire impacted on Europe and life in Britain. The children will be visiting the MK Discovery Centre where they will be learning about Roman soldiers and pretend to be archaeologists at the Roman Villa in Bancroft. They will also be learning about Pompeii and linking this to their English work. To end the topic, the children will be having a ‘Volcano Day’.