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Year 3

WB 22/02/2021

to help you locate this week's learning please see the break down for each day below


Monday 22nd- English / Maths / History

Tuesday 23rd- English / Maths / French

Wednesday 24th - English / Maths / PE

Thursday 25th - English / Maths / Science

Friday 26th - English / Maths / RE


Please note: There will be NO LIVE NON CORE LESSONS on Monday 22nd, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th due to teachers making telephone calls home during these times. The work will still be uploaded onto the Science and Non Core folders on the website. 


French and PE live lessons will continue as normal smiley




Live sessions - w.b. 22nd February 2021



Day and Time


Member of staff

Monday 22nd @ 9.30am English Mr Prescott
Monday 22nd @ 11.00am Maths Mr Prescott

Monday 22nd @ 2.40pm

Monday 22nd @ 2.45pm


Swans - Show & Tell with Mrs Richardson

Kingfishers - Show & Tell with Miss Sheard

Tuesday 23rd@ 9.30am


Mrs Richardson

Tuesday 23rd @ 11.00am

Tuesday 23rd @ 11:45am



Mrs Richardson

Herons - check in

Tuesday 23rd @ 1.30pm


Miss Baldwin

Wednesday 24th @ 9.30am


Miss Sheard

Wednesday 24th @ 11.00am


Miss Sheard

Wednesday 24th @ 1:30pm

Wednesday 24th @ 1:30pm


Swans - Wellbeing Wednesday with Mrs Richardson

Kingfishers - Wellbeing Draw-a-long with Miss Sheard

Wednesday 24th @ 2.15pm PE

Mr Beaumont/Mr Douse/ Miss Wilcox

Thursday 25th @ 9.30am


Miss Sheard

Thursday 25th @ 11.00am

Thursday 25th @11:50am



Miss Sheard

Herons - Scavenger hunt

Friday 26th @ 9.30am


Mrs Richardson
Friday 26th @ 11.00am Maths Mrs Richardson

Friday 26th @ 2.50pm

Friday 26th @ 2.50pm


Swans - Scavenger Hunt with Mrs Richardson

Kingfishers - Hangman with Miss Sheard

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