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Year 3

Summer Term

'The Finished Product'


We can't quite believe that it is the summer term already! Our class book for this term is 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and we will be basing all our learning around this. In Geography we will be learning about Brazil and the coca bean and following the journey from bean to bar. We will be making our own chocolate and designing packaging for it. To end our topic we will be visiting Cadbury's World and having an educational talk about the cocoa bean. We are looking forward to our last term in year 3!

Spring Term

Spring term PE and library days

Herons - Indoor PE Monday/ Outdoor PE Tuesday/ Library Wednesday 

Kingfishers - Indoor PE Monday/ Outdoor PE Tuesday/ Library Wednesday 

Swans - Indoor PE Tuesday/ Outdoor PE Wednesday/ Library Wednesday 


Remember shin pads for outdoor PE this half term :) 

New learning for Spring term

We hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break! 


This term our topic is 'Wonderland' and most of our learning will be based around the novel 'Alice in Wonderland'.

In English we will be researching the famous author, Lewis Carroll, writing a biography, creating setting and character descriptions and developing our writing skills. 

In maths we will be continuing on with the four methods (add, take away, multiplication and division), learning 2D and 3D shapes, starting to understand money, measure and weight. 

Our topic for science is 'Forces and Magnets' where we will be learning about push, pull and friction. We will also investigate magnets practically. 

For geography, we will be learning about mountains and rivers across our wonderful world. Linking to this, we will be going on a Parks Trust walk to the poplar plantation to learn more about the river that runs by us. 

Once we have learnt about different mountain types, we will be creating our own 3D model, of a mountain. 


What an exciting term we have ahead! At the end of the term we will be hosting our own 'Mad Hatters tea party' and will showcase all our lovely work. 

October half term homework project 

Year 3 have been given a special home-learning project to complete over the half term break in the place of their weekly maths, English and spellings.


New homework books will be issued to each child in the first week back along with their completed and marked homework from Autumn 1 in the yellow homework folders.


Homework due: Wednesday 1st November

‘Around the World’

   Over half term, we would like you to create a fact file about your favourite country.

It could be a country that you have visited on holiday, a country where your family live or a country you want to find out more about – it’s up to YOU!

You can create your fact file in lots of different ways:

  • Power point

  • Poster

  • Booklet

  • Leaflet

You can include lots of different facts about your chosen country:

  • Where is it?

  • What language is spoken?

  • What food is eaten?

  • What is the flag?

  • What is the weather like?

  • Why did you choose this country?

We can’t wait to see your fantastic homework projects! We will spend some time in class showing each other in small groups and discussing our chosen country.


Have a lovely half term J


Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 3! We are very excited to get stuck into our Autumn term topic 'Digging up the Past'. During this topic we will be learning about the Early Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We will also study the Ancient Egyptians and compare the feelings and attitudes of people then to people now. Science is going to be exciting this half term as we will be learning about human bones and comparing them to animal bones.


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Outdoor Learning
We have been using the book 'Stone Age Boy' to learn more about our topic. For outdoor learning week, we used role play try and understand what life was like in the Stone Age. Some of our activities included making fire and preparing food to eat.