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Year 3 have got Twitter! Please follow our accounts to be able to see what we get up to in our classes during the day. We will be posting pictures and tweets to keep you all up to date.





Parks Trust Walk


We walked down to the River Ouzel to have a fun session with Parks Trust. We have been learning about Rivers in our topic lessons but our guides were able to teach us even more about our new favourite word - meander! We did an experiment to see how fast two different sections of the river were by plopping a dog biscuit in and timing how long it took to get from one place to another. Also, we were able to see erosion and deposition happening along the river as we walked further up it. 

World Book Day

Dissecting of Daffodils on St. David's Day
On the 1st March, Year 3 learned about the parts of a flower by drawing and dissecting a daffodil. First, we made observational drawings of the daffodils just like Leonardo da Vinci. We used cross hatching sketching techniques to add tone and texture to our drawings. Then we learned the parts of the flower that we should look for when we dissected ours. The children were able to label their findings with new scientific words like stigma, stamen, ovary and filament.
Ameida's winning wheelchair design!

Ameida in year 3 Heron's class won the NHS wheelchair competition. She designed a fantastic wheelchair for children and had the opportunity to go to Milton Keynes hospital to see her wheelchair in action. A local newspaper went to capture the event and see the unveiling of her fantastic design.


Congratulations Ameida, we are all so proud of you! 

Maths Fun
We do so many fun activities in maths. Take a look at some of our outside learning where we found horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines. Also have a look at our pictures of us doing shape investigations. We learnt about shape properties and had to do a challenging activity by making a square with different shapes - it's harder than it looks! 

Christmas Carols for the elderly

Still image for this video
Year 3 had a lovely morning singing Christmas Carols to some elderly people from the community. All the adults were so proud of the children because they sat beautifully throughout and sang with such angelic voices!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


We are so excited to have started our new topic based around Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We will be reading the book in lessons and learning about where in the world chocolate comes from. We have an interesting trip to Cadbury's World in November where we will be able to get a first-hand experience of chocolate making before we make our own back at school!

So far in Autumn... 

What a fantastic first term we had in year 3!


We had a fantastic Ancient Egyptian museum on Friday 21st October and we loved showing all our adults our learning. We showcased our dances, educational songs and hieroglyphic secret codes all linked to our Ancient Egyptian theme, it was definitely worth the visit!


In year 3 we have been enjoying the last of the summer sun by doing lots of learning outside. 


In English we have been focusing on our sentence structure. In order to use punctuation we need to fully understand why we need it. We went outside to find natural objects to use as punctuation. We then used chalk as a fun way of using question and exclamation marks. This was a lot of fun!
We love acting out stories. The Gruffalo is one of our favourites and we had a lot of fun getting into character and performing to our friends. 
In maths we have been using different resources to make numbers. It is very important that we know the value of each digit in a number and this is a clear way of seeing that. 
In science our topic has been forces. We started by going for a forces walk around school and were surprised by how many things we push and pull!
We have placed a focus on friction and how different surfaces will affect this. In our experiment we used a toy car and tested rolling it on five different surfaces. We found that friction was increased when the toy car was rolling on a rougher surface. 
We also did an experiment into barriers to friction. We used pencils to grip ice cubes and timed how long it took us to get the ice cubes out of a bowl. When we put oil mixed in with the ice cubes a barrier was formed and it took a lot longer to try get them out. We compared this to when it rains a d car brakes, the friction between the wheels and the ground is reduced because of the barrier.