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Year 3

Swans' Water Cycle Investigation

As part of out theme and science learning, we have been looking at the water cycle. We re-created our own mini 'water cycle'and so far have observed how evaporation happens. We look forward to seeing how the state of the water changes throughout the day!

Swans' Magnificent Mountain Models!

w/c 11th January



To link in with our topic work, this week the children have been researching the Alps (plants, animals, weather, hazards and tourism). Working in groups they have produced some wonderful mind maps which they presented back to the class and have used to start writing non-chronological reports.




This week we have continued to understand fractions through recognising and finding equivalents and solving worded problems.

w/c 4th January



We started the week off with some wonderful writing retelling the best parts of our Christmas breaks. We are pleased to see that the children are remembering their punctuation.



In Maths this week we have been learning about fractions and that they consist of a numerator and a denominator. We have been finding fractions of shapes and amounts. Look at how hard the children are concentrating in these pictures.





To link in with our topic work ('Magnificent Mountains' read below) in Science we are learning about rocks. We have started this by discussing and writing down what we already know about rocks and what we want to learn about rocks.



This term our Topic is 'Magnificent Mountains' and this week we have looked at the mountain ranges across Europe. Using maps we have identified and labelled the Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathians Apennines and Urals.



This week we have been talking about families and exploring what the word family means to us, who we count as family and what different kinds of families there are in the world.


w/c 23rd November



In Miss Cooper's English set this week we have been writing about our hobbies and we have been leaning about what a main clause is and how we can use conjunctions, such as 'and', 'but' and 'so', to link two related clauses together.  We have also had a strong focus on improving our handwriting, ensuring we have formed our letters correctly.  The children have produced some beautiful pieces of writing which they are very proud of.

Miss Palmer's and Miss Shortread's English set's have been looking at ways to write different sentences adding adverbs.



This week we have been learning how to measure in centimetres using a ruler and understanding how to calculate the perimeter of 2D shapes.



We have continued to learn about magnets this week and how they have two ends which are known as the north and south pole and how these attract and repel.

w/c 16th November



In English we have been writing a recount of our trip to London to visit The National Gallery and to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at the theatre.  We have also started to read the book of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and have produced some beautiful pieces of writing to describe the house in which Charlie Bucket lived and a diary entry written as Charlie on the day Grandpa Joe tells the story about the Chocolate Factory.




This week in Maths we have been learning to understand what a right angle is, which shapes have right angles in them and the degrees in a right angle.



This term we have been looking at forces and as part of this we have been talking about magnets, understanding how they work and have used different types of magnets to predict and test how many paperclips they can attract.


PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)

In PSHE we have been talking about bullying, the different types of bullying that there can be including cyber bullying and how bullying makes people feel. The children have produced advice sheets on what to do if people are being bullied which will be continued next week.



This week we have been learning how to attack and defend in netball as well as learning moves such as the pivot move.


Visit to the National Gallery and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 


On Wednesday 11th November, we went to London on a school trip to the National Gallery and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

We had such a fantastic time and feel truly inspired about our new topic. We also saw the 'Mr and Mrs Andrews' painting that we studied during the 'Take One Picture' week before half term. We are really looking forward to our work based around the theatre trip and have now begun to read the book too. Look at our photos to see the fun we had!

Our trip to London!

w/c 12th October



In preparation for our end of term piece of writing, we have been learning to recognise verbs and bossy verbs and have used these to write sentences with the correct use of capital letters and full stops. 





This week we have been progressing with subtraction (taking away) using methods such as a blank number line and the column method.



Mummified Tomatoes!

In topic we have been learning about Ancient Egypt, this has included researching and discussing mummies and the mummification process. The children have found this really interesting so we thought we would try some mummifying of our own...using Tomatoes!


Firstly, we cut the tops off the tomatoes and scooped out the seeds and pulp. We then cleaned the inside of the tomatoes with an antibacterial liquid and filled it with a mixture of salt and Bicarbonate of Soda - acting as Natron - the ancient Egyptians used Natron to dry out the bodies. Finally, we put our tomatoes into individual airtight containers, filling any gaps between the tomato and the container with our 'Natron' mixture and closed the lids.


We are now very excited to see how they may change and we will be observing, predicting and recording what becomes different several times a week - we look forward to updating on their progress!