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Year 2

Welcome back to another exciting year in Year 2! 


During the Autumn term we will be learning all about

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As part of our learning we will start off by learning all about superheroes that we may have seen in cartoons, comics and movies. We will write stories and learn how to describe characters effectively. Later on in the term we will move on to learning about modern day superheroes and we will compare them to superheroes from the past such as Florence Nightingale and Samuel Pepys. We look forward to sharing our learning with you, please like and follow our Twitter pages.

Please visit and follow our class Twitter pages! We are: 

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Please ensure that your child reads daily to an adult at home and that this reading is recorded in their Reading Record with a short comment detailing how they got on. We understand the pressures of family life and encourage the children to, where possible, read 5 times a week to an adult at home. This could also be an older sibling!
To support your child, please ask them questions about what they have read. Reading books should be brought into school daily. Children have the opportunity to change reading books if they need to every day.

Summer 1 - Going Wild! 

Welcome  to Summer 1 where this term our topic is 'Going Wild!' This is a topic where we will learn all about animals and their habitats from around the world. We will be learning all about a variety of habitats and why different animals live in them in Science. Also in Geography we will be locating places and habitats from around the world and learning about different climates. We will also learn a little about adaptation! This is going to be a very exciting topic!

Important dates for your diary: 

Tuesday 2nd May - Parks Trust Walk (morning and afternoon)

Tuesday 23rd May - Whipsnade Zoo trip (9am - 4:30pm)

For both trips all children must bring a waterproof coat and suitable outdoor shoes. 


Mother's Day Tea Party - Friday 24th March

Today we had a wonderful day celebrating Mother's Day with our lovely mums! 

We started the day decorating cakes, making and decorating cake boxes and creating cards to give to our mums.


During the afternoon we held a special tea party to say thank you to all our wonderful mums. We sang songs that we had learnt as part of our music lessons, we even had written some of the verses! We all had a lovely time and wish all Middleton Mums a happy Mother's Day!


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Beat the Street Walks

Over the past couple of weeks we have really enjoyed going out on local area walks to find the 'Beat-Boxes' and collect points for our school. We are so happy to have come in second place in the competition and are so proud of everyone for showing such fantastic determination, perseverance and positivity on our walks. Well done everyone! 

Spring 2 - Can you help us? 

Welcome back to Spring 2 where this term our topic is 'Can you help us?' This is a topic where we will learn all about medicine. As part of this we will look at key influential people from history that have helped to develop the medicines we have today such as Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming , Louis Braille, Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. This will be closely linked to our work in PSHE where we will learn about the importance of taking medicines when appropriate and how to be safe with medicines. 

Mysterious Historical Figures

Yesterday we had lots of fun using technology to help us research important historical people. All we knew was that they were linked to medicine. We used the Learnpads and the laptops to work collaboratively with our group and find out as many facts as possible. Next week, we will be presenting our facts to the rest of our class so we can all learn about the different people.


Monday 13th March - Science day

Wow! What an amazing day we had on Science day! 

We started the day with an exciting visit from a scientist from the Open University. He showed us lots of exciting experiments! 

It was fabulous to see so many children bring in their bikes and scooters for Science Day. Before we got on our bikes, we talked how to stay safe and all our helmets were checked and adjusted by an adult to make sure they fitted our heads properly. The children really enjoyed completing the maze, the obstacle cones and the mile on their bikes or scooters. Thankfully, everyone listened to advice about keeping themselves safe and all had a fantastic time with no injuries!
Making Protective Helmets (for an egg)!
We each had an egg, which represented our head. We then choose two materials to wrap our egg in, to create a helmet. We only had a few eggs break in the classroom whilst being wrapped! Later, we made a prediction of what would happen to our egg when we dropped it outside on the playground. Afterwards we took the eggs with their helmets on out on to the playground. Some of our eggs cracked, whereas some were kept very safe by our helmets. Everyone had an egg-cellent time taking part in the practical experiment and we recorded our findings in our science books.
On Tuesday 7th March Charlotte's dad Clive came to visit us because he is a paramedic. He told us all about his job and what a paramedic does. We all asked lots of super questions and learnt so much!
We have all come to school dressed as our favourite book character to celebrate world book day! This afternoon we will be writing character descriptions of ourselves. Take a look at our fantastic costumes!! 

We were lucky enough to have a real nurse, called Caysie, come in to talk to us about her job. She told us all about the amazing ways she looks after her patients and even let us try a few things out ourselves! We got to have a go at using a stethoscope to listen to each others heartbeats. It sounded really strange! Caysie even bandaged up a couple of lucky children's hands and explained to us that she has to check the fingertips to make sure it isn't too tight.

Here are some pictures from our super afternoon! 

To start our new topic we asked the children to do some research at home to find out about one of the famous people who have contributed to our nation’s achievements and advances with medicine. We have been really impressed by the quality of work that the children have produced and how much they have learnt about the person they chose to research. We look forward to learning more about these people over the course of our topic. 

Author visit - Alan Gibbons

Year 2 attended a story telling workshop with children's author Alan Gibbons. He told the children a couple of different stories that were full of actions that they all really enjoyed.

Many children also went to a writing workshop with Alan Gibbons, here are the start of their stories. Look at the fantastic vocabulary that they have used in their writing! 

Monday 20th February - RE Day


Today we have had a fantastic day learning  all about Judaism. We have focussed our learning on the various signs and symbols that are important to Jews. We looked closely at the Torah scroll and learnt about how it is an important sacred text to the Jewish people. We also made our own versions where we had a go at writing in Hebrew on the inside. Also, we looked at the Star of David and we enjoyed creating our own following instructions - this was very tricky but the children showed great resilience, and even when they found it difficult or it didn't go how it was supposed to, they all refused to give up!

Spring 1- Marvellous Milton Keynes!

This half term our topic at school is Marvellous Milton Keynes!! We are very excited to learn all about our fantastic town on its 50th Birthday! We will be comparing what Milton Keynes was like in the past to how it is now, locating different landmarks to see what makes us special and even designing our own concrete cows!! We are also lucky enough to be going on a walk around Middleton, our local area, to help us understand about our local surroundings and community.


Milton Keynes Discovery Centre Trip!!

In year 2 we were lucky enough to visit the Milton Keynes Discovery Centre as part of our Marvellous Milton Keynes topic. While we were there, we did loads of fun activities and learnt lots of new things. We learnt how to use grid references to read a map and looked at a ginormous map of Milton Keynes!! We also had our own map and went off on a hunt around the grounds of the Discovery Centre, using grid references to find different human and physical features. We learnt all about the history too. Did you know that the barn at the Discovery Centre was built approximately 700 years ago? In the afternoon we went for a walk to find the remains of a Roman Villa. We could walk around the remains, being carefully not to stand on the old and delicate walls and we figured out what each of the rooms would have been used for. On the way back, we found Milton Keynes' famous concrete cows too, which we were all extremely excited about!! We all had a fantastic day and would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped us have such a super day! 

As part of our celebrations of Milton Keynes' 50th Birthday we have created our own version of the concrete cows! 

Painting our amazing concrete cow!

This term in English we are working on improving our story writing using 'Talk 4 Writing' techniques. We have been learning a story in class and for homework the children have been sharing the story and actions with their families. 

Here are some of the fantastic videos of the children at home performing their stories using their story maps. 

Oscar LS.MOV

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Photos of Crystal telling the story

Jai telling the story at home


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Julia Frankowska.divx

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Oscar W


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Wednesday 19th January - Local Area Walk

Today we went on a walk around our local area to learn more about both the history and geography of Middleton. Mrs Lee was our brilliant tour guide and told us so much about the history of the local area. We saw the oldest house in Middleton, the Pavillion, All Saints Church and the village hall. Did you know that the village hall used to be a school?

We were all very interested to learn about different places around our local area and we all enjoyed drawing pictures of what we saw on our walk. 

A huge thanks to Mrs Lee for teaching us so much about Middleton!

We would also like to thank all of the adults that joined us on our walk, without you today's walk would not have been possible! 


Marvellous Milton Keynes Homework!

Year 2 have created some truly amazing homework all about Milton Keynes to help celebrate Milton Keynes' 50th birthday. We have been astonished by the hard work that the children have put into their homework. Every child has created something different and many have shown off their superb ICT skills too! 

Well done everyone!

Incredible ICT!

Year 2 have really enjoyed learning how to use the laptops and LearnPads. We have learnt the correct way to turn on, log on and find a programme. We have then had a go at typing our names and editing them. We have really enjoyed learning the LeanPads and learning how to code using Scratch. 

Autumn 2 - Fire! Fire!

This half term we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London. We will be writing diary entries and learning all about Samuel Peeps among lots of other fun activities. On Friday we will be having our Great Fire of London Day and we cannot wait to see the children dressed up. We will be baking bread in our own Middleton Bakery, making fantastic pictures of the Great Fire of London and using nets to make our own Tudor houses.

For homework we have made some superb models of the Great Fire of London. We are very proud of our models and they have been displayed in the school for all of the other children, staff and visitors to see! Thank you very much to our fantastic parents who helped their children to create such brilliant models. Here are some pictures of just a few for you to see.

Great Fire of London Models

Great Fire of London Presentations

The children worked really hard over half term creating wonderful presentations and learning lots of fantastic facts all about the Great Fire of London. We were all extremely impressed with the children's knowledge and their confidence when they were presenting their homework to the class. The children's work is now on display throughout the corridors of the school. Thank you for all your support creating these presentations, it is greatly appreciated by us all. Here are some pictures of us presenting.

Here are some photos from our amazing Great Fire of London day!

Autumn 1 - Digging for Dinosaurs



This half term, we will be learning all about Dinosaurs. We will be reading Harry and the Bucketful of dinosaurs, acting it out using puppets and writing a retelling of the story. We will also be creating our own adventure for Harry to take his dinosaurs on. In our topic lessons, we will be using timelines to find out how long ago dinosaurs lived and when they became extinct. We will be finding out exciting facts about specific dinosaurs and writing non-chronological reports about our chosen dinosaur. 


All about fossils

We have been creating mind maps to show all the fun facts we know about fossils. We have used books, learn pads and laptops to research how fossils are made, as well as the different types of fossils paleontologist can find. 


Here are some photos of us showing off our fantastic learning.

What have we learnt about fossils?

Retelling Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs 


To help us remember the story of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs, we worked in groups to act out the story. We used our teamwork skills to listen to each other and take it in turns to use the puppets to tell the story. 

Acting out Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

Woodpeckers have really enjoyed investigating the question 'Is your forearm the same length as your foot?' It has really shown us how important it is to measure accurately. We had lots of fun investigating!

Pencil control and tracing

Today we had lots of fun practicing our pencil control, we traced pictures of dinosaurs carefully using pencil. We took our time and pressed very lightly when going around the edges. We then shaded in our drawings using different amounts of pressure.

Here are some pictures of our amazing pencil control skills

In English we have been learning about the features of a non-chronological report. This is going to help us to write our own ones about dinosaurs.

On Monday 17th October we were invited to an after school fun run at Oakgrove Secondary. We all had a great time! Well done to all the children that went to the event, you represented our school fantastically and we are so proud of you!

Prehistoric Animal Parade

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This half term we have been learning a fantastic song about called the Prehistoric Animal Parade. We learned words, actions and used instruments to help us perform our song. Here is a clip of us performing, we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we have enjoyed performing it.

Prehistoric Animal Parade

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