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2019 - 2020


Spring Term - To Infinity and Beyond...


This term we will be exploring space and our world. Within this topic we will be reading a range of fictional stories set in space or featuring aliens and we will be using these to inspire our writing. We will look at non-fiction books and focus on the history of astronauts including space travel. We will take a closer look at the continents, countries, cities, towns and villages on our planet in addition to finding out about The Solar System.

During our maths lessons we will work on addition and subtraction, telling the time, fractions, money and division.

In science, we will find out about the seasons and weather as well as investigating the different materials that we have on Earth.

In computing, we will learn about programming by using Scratch Junior to create our own sequences.


We will also be participating in lots of exciting activities that will support our understanding of being a citizen in our local community. 

All Aboard The Jolly Middleton!


Year 1 had a cross curricular Pirate Day as part of their 'Wherever Next...?' topic. 

We came into school dressed as pirates ready for our adventure. We decorated pirate faces onto biscuits - we had to place the jewels very carefully. We enjoyed sharing pirates stories on our very own pirate ship outside. We prepared a healthy fruit salad banquet; carefully slicing and chopping up our favourite fruits. Our biggest challenge was finding the missing treasure that had been stolen from our classrooms; we worked together to follow the treasure map and spell out the clues that led us to the treasure! We concluded our adventure by enjoying our pirate biscuits and watching (animated) pirates on the big screen.

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Wherever Next...

Our topic this term is 'Wherever Next...?' We will be exploring a variety of pirate fiction texts as well as using non fiction sources such as books and websites to find out about famous travelling figures from the past including Blackbeard. Whilst on our learning journey this term we will be using maps and globes to name and locate different oceans and continents. Throughout the term, we will be creating many pirate master pieces including: treasure maps, eye patches and our very own pirate hats.


Pirate Day Friday 4th October 2019