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Year 1

Year 1 looked fantastic in their pirate costumes today and it was an awesome way to begin our 'Wonderful Water' topic. Watch this space for further pirate adventures!

Many thanks to the number of parents that attended the Phonics Screening Check meeting on Thursday 26th May. For those of you who were unable to attend please see the PDFs below. Many thanks, Mrs Dyer.

This term the children have been learning about different counties of the world, including Great Britain, Spain, Brazil, Kenya, India, Australia and USA. To finish our topic with a bang, the children represented different countries and took part in our very own Olympics! The events included running, cross country, discus, javelin and long jump with certificates awarded in a special presentation assembly. The children thoroughly enjoyed the event and were great ambassadors for their countries.

Science - Growing Plants

Year 1 have been having great fun learning all about plants this term. This exciting Science unit has taken us out of the classroom, finding familiar plants such as daisies, dandelions and buttercups and learning how to identify deciduous and evergreen trees. More recently, our green fingered children have been growing plants of their very own. Each child planted a sunflower seed which they have taken home and will keep a diary of its progress. In class, we have set up our very own plant experiment! We leave learnt that plants need water, air, soil, space and light to grow well so we have set up an investigation to see what will happen when one of these things is taken away from each plant. Watch this space to see how our plants grow!



Year 1 have been learning how to put together a gymnastic sequence using starting and ending positions, jumps, rolls and balances.

Love Your Parks

Year 1 had an amazing time during their Parks Trust visits. During the sessions the children took part in a treasure hunt where they learnt how to use a map, work as a team, solve clues and find treasure!

World Book Day

Year 1 loved dressing up as Super Heroes to celebrate World Book Day! 

Year 1 ended their space topic with a HUGE bang by putting on a fantastic fashion show for Foundation and Year 2.


The children spent the week planning their designs and chose between planets, aliens or a galaxy themed t-shirt. The parents very kindly donated white t-shirts so once the designs were complete, the children used either tie dye, fabric paints or fabric crayons to make their ideas come to life. The results were wonderful and the children couldn't wait to put their t-shirts on and show them off.


The fashion show was an enormous success with the children proudly walking down the catwalk and striking a pose. Well done Year 1 - it was an awesome way to end our topic! 

The International Space Station

Some exciting things have been happening in Year 1, including the arrival of our very own International Space Station! The children have enjoyed pretending to launch a rocket into space and be and astronauts on the ISS - just like Tim Peake!


Space Adventures!

We have had an incredible term learning all about space! Look how much fun we had visiting The Space Centre.

Visiting a church

As part of our Big Build and RE topics, Year 1 visited All Saints Church in Milton Keynes Village. We had a great time and enjoyed learning all about the different parts of the church.

The Big Build

We really enjoyed our 'Big Build' day where we got to be builders and make wonderful structures!

Making and eating our tasty, healthy fruit salad

We have had a great first term in Year 1 and learnt lots of things about our Brilliant Bodies! To end our topic with a 'BANG', we had a healthy day where we designed, made and ate a delicious fruit salad.

Measuring fun!

Year 1 have been learning to measure length. We compared the length of objects and put them in order, found objects taller and shorter then ourselves, used cubes to measure objects and began to measure using a ruler.

Enjoying our delicious cakes!

We absolutely loved the cake sale and it was great helping to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thank you Year 4 for organising this tasty fundraiser.