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Work for pupils isolating

For each day of your isolation we will upload some work for you to complete. However, if you finish this and would like something extra, there are various activities within the 'Home Learning' tab too.

Wednesday 19th January



Choose one of the pictures from above and write a story with 150 words. Think about the content carefully and ensure the words you choose have the desired impact. You may need to plan this out before you start and remember to edit as you write. I will look forward to reading them!




Please complete the reasoning paper above, remember to show any workings and answers on a piece of paper.




FREDs reading


Use the attached PowerPoint to access the extracts and questions for today's lesson. We do not expect you to complete it all today so just work you way through it for the rest of the week.




If you feel up to it, why not design your own fitness workout perhaps in the style of a HIIT or aerobics. There are also plenty of workouts you could use on YouTube like Joe Wickes to help keep you active.


If you are not feeling active today, then design some practice sessions for the sport you are learning in games with Mr Beaumont, Mr Douse or Miss Wilcox. Make sure you share these with them when you are back in school and they may even use them in the next lesson.


Open the multiplying fractions and then dividing fractions sheets and have a go at each of them. If you're struggling with this, click on the links below to help you:

Multiplying fractions

Dividing fractions



Open the Powerpoint which looks at different types of tenses. Then complete the progressive and perfect tense sheets



Read how Marcus Rashford used social media positively over lockdown to make change in the world. Research and create either a mind map, poster or powerpoint presentation to show all the ways that social media has been/can be used positively.


On Mondays we do an arithmetic. There is one here for you to do and then you can mark it and do any corrections.



Have a go at this sheet on active and passive voice.



Have a look through the powerpoint and see what you can find. Please bring in what you produce.


There are some addition and subtraction of mixed numbers challenges for you to have a go at. Start with 'Deep' and work your way through.



Using the WAGOLL from yesterday, complete the vocab table. Look up the meaning of any unfamiliar words and write these in a sentence to show your understanding.



Today's lesson is looking at how the eye works. Use the Powerpoint to begin with and complete the activities within it. Then research online to help you label the eye. For an extra challenge, what is the function (job) of the iris, retina, cornea and lens?


Have a go at the addition and subtraction word problems above



Open the WAGOLL for a character description and identify the features you can see


PE - Gymnastics

Look at the shapes cards. Try each one and then try and link 3 of them together into a sequence.