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Wellbeing Wednesday

This week is Children's Mental Health Week so we would really love everyone to take sometime to watch the virtual assembly below.

Stop the video at approximately 12minutes 50seconds to take part in the activity.

Children's Mental Health Week assembly - with BAFTA Kids and Oak National Academy

As you would have seen above, the theme for this week's Children's Mental Health week is 'Express Yourself.'


Below are some ideas of how you can express your feelings creatively.

Art - Draw/paint/colour/sculpt your feelings. Use any medium you have at home to create a piece of art to help you express how you are feeling. Below is a video of other people who like to express themselves through art.

I Express Myself Through Art with Hannah Brooks, Annabelle Davis & More | BAFTA Kids

Dance - use youtube to find a Just Dance song you love, have a craziness dance party in your kitchen or even create your own dance. Below is a video of some other people who use dance to express themselves.

I Express Myself Through Dance with Oti Mabuse, JJ Chalmers & Christina Andrea | BAFTA Kids

Write - a poem, a letter, a story, a comic/cartoon (anything you would like). Below is a video of other people who like to express themselves through writing.

I Express Myself Through Writing with Shaun Duggan, Sharna Jackson and More | BAFTA Kids

Please don't limit yourselves to the ideas we have given you above, if you can think of another creative way to express yourself and your emotions - please do it!


We would love it if you would like to share some of your creative expressions with us on Purple Mash and/or in your class wellbeing sessions this week. If you would rather not share it and you would like to keep it private, that is okay too.



Remember it is extremely important to express your feelings - find the way/ways that work for you.

As an addition, if you'd like some ways to relax, I have attached a Cosmic Yoga and a fantastic story telling below for you. Have a fantastic Wellbeing Wednesday.

Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

Storytime with Milton Keynes School Library Service - "The Cat, The Dog, Little Red..."

Paul is reading "The Cat, The Dog, Little Red, The Exploding Eggs, The Wolf and Grandma's Wardrobe", Written and Illustrated by Diane and Christyan Fox (http...