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Week of 11/05/20



Friday 15th May
WALT: Design a puppet

What do you think of my zebra puppet?

Still image for this video

Hopefully, you were inspired by yesterday’s puppet research. Today, we are going to plan our own puppets. You could start making your puppet today if you wish. However, on Monday your topic lesson will be to make and evaluate your puppet. We would like you to make an animal puppet like I have or a character from ‘James and the Giant Peach’.


Before you decide on what puppet to make, have a think about what materials you have at home. Design your puppet on the planning sheet. Having a clear plan will really help you when you make your puppet.


There are so many different puppets that you can make and lots of ideas online. 


You could make:

  • A marionette puppet 
  • A paper bag puppet
  • A sock puppet
  • A shadow puppet
  • A spoon puppet
  • A stick puppet
  • A finger puppet


Have a look at the following website for lots of puppet ideas and instructions on how to make them:


 I have also added instructions for how I made my zebra marionette puppet.



Thursday 14th May
WALT: Research puppets

Over the next three topic lessons we are going to research, design, make and finally evaluate our puppets. We would like you to make your own puppet of either an animal or a character from ‘James and the Giant Peach’.


Research is a very important part of the design cycle. Researching puppets will give us lots of ideas to help us with our own puppet designs tomorrow. 



Do you recognise any of these puppets?



Can you think of any more puppets? Ask your family members if they have any favourite puppets. 


Use the internet to find pictures of them and watch clips. There are some fantastic puppet clips. 


Here are some examples: 



  • Here is a performance of ‘The Three Little Pigs’.                                                      What puppets have they used here?




We want you to think about these questions:

What do you know about puppets?

Where in the world are puppets used?

What kinds of stories are told through puppet shows?

How many different types of puppets are there?



Using the internet, can you find the answers to these questions?


Once you have completed your research, can you decide which type of puppet is your favourite? Why?



This is a great website to learn about the history of puppets.




Tuesday 12th May

WALT: Design your own Word Art to honour nurses

Today is International Nurses’ Day and yesterday you were set the challenge of creating your own quiz about Florence Nightingale. We were very impressed with all of your creative quizzes but two stood out in particular. Your first task today is to complete two quizzes which were created by Avelyn and Miguel. A big well done and congratulations to Avelyn and Miguel. The quizzes have been assigned to your 2Dos on Purple Mash. Enjoy!


Your next task is to create your own Word Art like the star above using adjectives you would use to describe nurses. Watch this video to show you how.

How to create your own Word Art

Still image for this video


What words would you use to describe nurses? You could use a thesaurus to help you create your Word Art. Here is a link to an online thesaurus:



Create your own Word Art to describe a family member or close friend.


You could even make one for your class like I have here. Can you spot your name? 






Monday 11th May

WALT: Celebrate International Nurses’ Day


Tomorrow is International Nurses’ Day.  It is celebrated around the world every year on 12th May, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. This year is the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.

Why do you think they’ve chosen the date of Florence Nightingale’s birthday as International Nurses Day? What do you remember about Florence Nightingale?


Write a mind map of everything you remember about Florence Nightingale.




Watch this fantastic video about Florence Nightingale. You may want to make notes of the key information.

The life and work of Florence Nightingale (dramatisation) | History - True Stories


Create a quiz all about Florence Nightingale. We will choose our favourite quiz and set it as a 2Do for the whole year group to complete tomorrow.


Please create your quiz using the 2Quiz app on Purple Mash. If you are unsure of how to use 2Quiz, click on the videos icon in the right hand corner of the screen. It will show you a short introduction demo of how to use the program. It covers all of the basic features that you will need to know. Please write a message on your class blog if you have any questions.


Don’t forget your question marks!