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Week of 30/3/20



Friday 3rd April

WALT explain why honesty is an important value


Our value of the month is honesty.

What does ‘honest’ mean?

What does ‘value’ mean?


  1. Look up the definitions in a dictionary. (If you don’t have a dictionary you can use this website
  2. How well do you know your teachers? Each teacher has written two truths and one lie. Can you guess which one the lie is? 

Make sure that you select to play the slideshow from the beginning so that all of the features of the PowerPoint work properly. 

3.  Watch this short film, ‘The Shiner’:


After watching the video, think about these questions:

Why did the boy give the wallet back?

What could he have done instead?

Do you think he did the right thing?

Why is it important to always try to do the right thing?


Discuss your thoughts with a grown up or a sibling.




Think about what the best and worst thing to do in each of these situations would be.


  • You find out that your friend is going to sneak off and go to the park after school. They ask you to go with them.
  • You accidentally damage someone’s work by knocking it off the table. Nobody saw you.
  • It was your younger sister’s birthday and she didn’t get many presents. On the way to school you find a £20 note.
  • You are doing a times table test and you realise your teacher has forgotten to cover up the times table poster on the wall. No one else looks like they’ve noticed.



Did you fall for our April Fools' joke?

We loved seeing all of your spaghetti trees and pasta bushes!







Wednesday 1st April

WALT grow and nurture a plant


In Italy, the Spaghetti Tree is one of the oldest and most loved trees.

April 1st is said to be the best day of the year to plant a Spaghetti Tree.



Plant a spaghetti tree of your very own:

  1. Plant a piece of spaghetti in soil. It can just be in your flower bed.
  2. Water your sprig of spaghetti until it begins to sprout.



If you don’t have any spaghetti, why not plant a Fusilli or Penne Tree?


Have a look at my Penne Pasta bush. Wow, what a surprise, it already has pasta on it! It will be an early harvest due to the unseasonable weather. Lots more pasta buds appearing. 


We would love to see your pictures. Post them on your class blog.

My Penne Pasta Bush

Still image for this video



Tuesday 31st March

WALT recreate a post-impressionist painting


From the research you completed yesterday, you know that Vincent van Gogh was a fascinating post-impressionist artist who became famous after he died.  This brilliant website allows us to take a virtual tour of the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.


Go to this website and click on this icon:   

Take a tour of the Van Gogh museum.


Which painting is your favourite? What colours does Van Gogh use?




‘The Starry Night’ is one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings. Using ‘2Paint A Picture’ on Purple Mash, recreate your own version of ‘The Starry Night’. 

Van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter but make sure that you choose the ‘Impressionism’ option when it appears in ‘2Paint A Picture’. 

Experiment with the brightness of your colours by changing the amount of water you use. Click on this icon to change the amount of water added to the paints.    


Think carefully about the colours you use and use the ‘The Starry Night’ fact sheet to help you. The fact sheet also has an example that I painted on ‘2Paint A Picture’.

You have been set it as a 2Do. Once you have saved your work, your teacher will be able to see your masterpiece.


Write a short paragraph to evaluate your painting.


Think about:

  • What colours you used.
  • How you made sure that your painting looks like the original.
  • What you like about your painting.
  • How you could improve your painting.



Monday 30th March

WALT research a famous artist

Who was Vincent Van Gogh? Complete your own research on Van Gogh to answer this question.

Here are some possible links:



Choose an activity from a star that you feel confident with.


Share three facts that you found out about Van Gogh with a family member.



Complete the research plan about Van Gogh. Think carefully about what information should go in each box.




Use the research plan to help you organise all of the facts that you find. Once you have completed your research, write a fact file about Van Gogh on Purple Mash. Make sure that you include subheadings so that your fact files are clear.

You have been set it as a 2Do. Use the ‘Think About’ box to guide you. Once you have saved your work, your teacher will be able to see your fact file. 




Vincent Van Gogh said I dream my painting and then I paint my dream. Can you draw a dream you have had?