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Week of 27/04/20

Friday 1st May
WALT: spell and use common exception words
WALT: spell and use homophones


Your first task today is to log on to Purple Mash. You will find your spelling quiz for this week has been set as a 2do for you.


Next, choose your spellings and activity for this week. The one star spellings are common exception words (choose these if this is an area of your learning you are still working on.)

The two and three star activity and spellings this week is based on homophones.


One star activity and spellings


I have made a word search to see if you can find all of your spellings. I would also like you to write a sentence including each of your spellings.

For example:

The children played nicely in their garden.  

It is really cold outside.

I like to wear bright coloured clothes.


Two and three star spellings and activity


This video below will explain what a homophone is, - homophones


There are then two more brilliant bitesize videos to help you understand the meanings of some of the other homophones in your spellings this week. - they’re their there - two to too


Below I have attached some activities for you to complete based on what you have learnt about homophones. Please just complete as many or as few as you would like. They are there to help you practise.


Thursday 30th April
WALT: understand and use the four sentence types

Today we will be learning all about the four sentence types. Watch the video below.

Four sentence types

Still image for this video

There is a super song all about the four sentence types for you to listen too. It would be amazing if you wanted to continue the song by creating some of your own verses.
The next part of the lesson is a quiz.

Below I have attached a sheet for you to try. Choose EITHER the one, two or three star activity. You can upload this to your my work area on Purple Mash.

The next step in your learning is to communicate the knowledge you have learnt. You can do this by creating your own quiz on Purple Mash. Look at the document below to choose your task.

Wednesday 29th April 

WALT: write a character description (wanted poster)


To begin today’s lesson, I would like you to watch the video below of Miss Mayes reading the last two chapters of Dread can see if your predictions were correct.

Chapters 6 and 7 of 'Dread Cat'

Still image for this video
For the next part of today’s lesson, we are going to be writing a wanted poster to help catch Dread Cat. Watch the video below as it will help explain the task and I’ve even written some example sentences to help you. 

Writing a character description

Still image for this video

Below I have attached a word document template you can use to create your Wanted poster OR you can use the 2do I have set on Purple Mash. There is also a one, two or three star checklist for you to choose from. Have a look at them and see which one you think you can challenge yourself too.


We cannot wait to see your posters. Let’s catch Dread Cat.

Tuesday 28th April
WALT: use a thesaurus to up level adjectives

As an introduction today’s lesson, watch the video of Chapter 5 of Dread Cat below. (Chapters 6&7 will follow tomorrow). 

Chapter 5 of 'Dread Cat'

Still image for this video

How to use the online thesaurus

Still image for this video

After you have watched the video, take a look at the sheet below and choose EITHER the one, two or three star piece of learning. 

I have given you some adjectives that need up levelling - use the thesaurus to do this.



Monday 27th April

WALT discuss the sequence of events in a book


Listen to Chapter 4 of 'Dread Cat' then work your way through the PowerPoint. Your star tasks have been explained on the last slide.

Chapter 4 of 'Dread Cat'

Still image for this video