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Week of 27/04/20

Friday 1st May
WALT: Apply our knowledge of position and direction


As you did so well yesterday rescuing Wally's belongings, today we would like you to create your own map and set of instructions. Please watch the video below - it will explain this in more detail


Still image for this video

Below I have attached the blank maps for you to use or you could draw your own on a piece of paper at home. Perhaps you might decide to create a life size map in your living room or garden.



I have also attached the PowerPoint from the video in case you would like to refer back to the different ideas you could use to create your map.


Once you have completed your learning, you can upload it to the my work area on Purple Mash.

Thursday 30th April

WALT: apply our knowledge of position and direction.


In today's lesson we are using a similar theme to last week...maps but this time would like you to apply all the knowledge you have been learning about position and direction this week. (Clockwise, anticlockwise) as well as quarter turns, half turns and full turns.


Here is a link to a great video to watch - it recaps what you have learnt so far (for the first 3 minutes) and then it explains how to follow a set of instructions.


Below I have attached a treasure map with directions. You need to follow the directions to find where the treasure is hidden.


I have uploaded an edited version of the treasure map as there was an error in one of the instructions. Hopefully you can now find the treasure!

The next part of the lesson requires you to write a set of instructions. Watch the video below and I will explain your learning. Choose either the one, two or three star task.

Where’s Wally

Still image for this video
You can upload any of your work today in to the my work area on Purple Mash.

Wednesday 29th April

WALT: use the column method to subtract


Today I have created a video for you to recap our column subtraction method. After you’ve watched the video, log in to Purple Mash and choose EITHER the one, two or three star subtraction 2do  quiz I have set for you. 

After you have completed this, below I have attached a small arithmetic quiz for you to try. This included a mixture of questions, including fractions. It is so important to keep practising your methods for all of the operations to keep them all fresh in your mind. Each week we will recap a skill, last week it was addition and this week subtraction. You can upload the arithmetic quiz to Purple Mash if you would like to but I have also attached the answers so that you could check the answers yourself if you would rather do that.


Column Subtraction

Still image for this video

Tuesday 28th April
WALT: follow instructions for directions and turns


Today's lesson has been explained in the video below. You can then choose EITHER the one, two or three star activity and post your work in you my work section of Purple Mash.

Following instructions for direction and turns

Still image for this video

Monday 27th April

WALT: Describe movement and turns


Today we will be learning to describe movement using some new mathematical vocabulary.

Anticlockwise  - this video clip helps you understand what clockwise and anticlockwise mean.


Below is a video I have created to help explain a full turn, a half turn and a quarter turn. Please pause the video after each explanation to have a go at the turns yourself.

Full, half and quarter turns

Still image for this video

Explanation of the worksheet

Still image for this video

Below I have attached today's learning in a word document and a PDF format. Choose EITHER the one, two or three star task depending on how confident you are feeling.


If you are unable to print them to write on, it is absolutely fine. You can either type on the word document or you can write your answers on a piece of paper and upload a photo to your work folder on Purple Mash. 


If you have any questions about your learning today, please post them on the blog and we will respond as soon as possible.