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Week of 25/3/20


WALT compare lengths

Now you've had some practise of using cm and m, you can begin to compare lengths. When comparing we can use these symbols

> < =

Before you play the video, tell an adult what you think they mean and how you would use them.


After the video, you have two 2Dos to complete on Purple Mash as Activity 1.

Activities 2 & 3


WALT measure in metres (m)

One of the activities for this lesson is to run a distance for 10 seconds. If your family choose to go outside the house for a walk, maybe this activity could be done then. Alternatively, you can adapt the distance and time to suit your domestic outdoor space.


WALT measure in centimetres (cm)

For this lesson, you will need a ruler or a tape measure so that you can measure objects around your house.

There are parts where you do not need a ruler.