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Week of 22/06/20

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Monday 22nd June
WALT: Research a country of your choice


Your topic for this week is a research project. We would like you to choose a country to research and create a final piece of work teaching others all about it. It could a country you've been to on holiday, where your family is from or just a country you like the name of. 


If you're stuck for an idea, here is a website to help you -


The steps below will help you research as much information as you can about your chosen country. You could choose one step to complete each day this week.


Step 1

The country's name

Find your country and plot it on a world map


Population (how many people live there)

Languages they speak



Step 2

Human and physical features - I have attached a document for you to look at in case you've forgotten what they are.

What is the country's largest city? 

Step 3


National anthem

Do they have a Royal family?

Famous people

Do they have a national animal or flower?


Step 4

National sport

What is the national cuisine (food)? Do they have any famous dishes?

What countries are nearby?

Step 5

Once you've completed your research, you could create a leaflet, poster, PowerPoint, video or any other form of presentation you like. Below I have included some sheets that may help you record your research.


After you have completed your final piece about your country, you can post your work on Purple Mash in your 'My work folder'.