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Week of 18/05/20

Friday 22nd May


Reading WALT – understand the ending of James and the Giant Peach


Writing WALT - use information from our interview (on Tuesday) 


Spelling WALT – spell


WALT – understand the ending of James and the Giant Peach


Read/listen to the ending and complete the task.

WALT - use information from our interview on Tuesday to write a certificate


James wrote a poem about his friends. He compliments them on their talents and describes their character and personality.


That’s what you are going to do now using the interview you completed with a friend or family member. Select the certificate to match your interview.  Then – select adjectives that closely match your person. (from the sheet) Complete the certificate and …hey presto! – you can award your certificate!


Let’s hope all the dreams and wishes come true!

WALT - spell


Select the 1 or 2star 2do


Then you have completed all of your work - Well done!!



Spellings for Friday 5th June




Thursday 21st May

WALT – create a comic strip story

Yesterday we looked at the features of a comic strip. 


Our WAGOLL was the story of Little Red Riding Hood.


We listened to Miss Fowler reading the story of ‘Spyder the World’s Smallest Secret Agent’.

You will need to listen to the story again so you know it even better.


This is our success criteria. It will help you when you are creating your own comic strip.



dialogue in speech or thought bubbles




word sounds  (onomatopoeia) challenge



Re-tell a familiar story in a comic strip. This might be Little Red Riding Hood or a different story you know very well.  


 Re-tell the story of ‘Spyder the World’s Smallest Secret Agent’.


 Re-tell the story of ‘Spyder the World’s Smallest Secret Agent’ including word sounds (onomatopoeia).


There are different comic strip layouts for you to choose from.

We look forward to reading your stories…





Wednesday 20th May

Comic Strips - we all enjoy them!

Watch the ppt, listen to the fantastic story of Spyder read by Miss Fowler. Then get your ideas ready for tomorrow when we will be creating a comic strip!

Spyder - The World’s Smallest Secret Agent by Matt Carr

Still image for this video

Tuesday 19th May

WALT – interview someone we know and record their answers

In James and the Giant Peach the aunts are mean and unkind to James. He is incredibly sad and lonely. He longs for friendship. The friends he does meet are not your usual sort of friends – although they are the best sort of friends!

James wrote a poem about them…

Your first task is reading. It’s a lovely poem that James wrote about his friends. He really knew all their good qualities.


We hope you enjoyed reading James’s poem about his friends.

Your next task is to interview someone you know.

They might live in your house or they might not.

However, it does need to be someone you can talk to at the moment.

Maybe on the phone or Zoom or Skype. It could be a friend or a relative.

Just in case you can’t speak to them right now, you have until Friday to complete it. That’s when you will be using their answers to make them a special certificate!

So keep it safe when you have finished.

Monday 18th May

WALT – read and retrieve information



James and the Giant Peach is a fantastical, magical adventure story. However, if you look carefully you will discover it contains fascinating real-life minibeast facts. So, get your magnifying glass out and comb the extract for clues.


WALT – research and create a fact file



There are 2 resources to help you - minibeast research and photographs.

If you prefer you can do your own research and choose  different minibeasts. There are plenty to choose from! I wonder why Roald Dahl chose those particular characters?

(You can edit the booklet in Word which will save you printing it out.)