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Week of 18/05/20

Wednesday 20th May
WALT: recognise and group common plants

Watch the video below, it will help remind you of some the parts of the plants that we have learnt about before.



This next clip will teach you about the 4 main groups of plants and their different features.


I have found a very exciting app, which your grown ups may be able to download on to their phone or ipad. You can then take it out on your daily walks and take pictures of plants, the clever app will then tell you the name of plant you have found.   Here is a link to a users guide for the app. The app is called 'Picture This'



Choose your task for today - 


One star – 2do naming parts of the plant on Purple Mash
Two star – match the common plants to their label – some of the plants you may know and recognise, others you will need to do a little bit of research about online.
Three star – draw pictures of plants you’ve found and label them


Any work or photos can be uploaded to your my work section on Purple Mash.

If you would like an additional crafty challenge, I have found some beautiful pictures that have been made out of leaves. You could collect some leaves on your daily walks and have a go at making them in to a picture. The ones I have attached are all of animals but yours doesn’t have to be.