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Week of 18/05/20

Friday 22nd May
WALT: name and recognise the properties of 3D shapes


Yesterday we recapped 2D shapes and today we are moving on to 3D shapes because you all did so well with your learning.

Use the PowerPoint and the videos below to help remind you of the 3D shapes and their properties. They are quite a bit tricker than 2D shapes so do not worry if you don't know them all. - this video is brilliant for explaining the properties, although it does use the word corners, we would like you to use the word vertices instead. - a 3D shape song.

Depending on how confident you feel, choose either the one, two or three star task from below.

One star - Matching 3D shapes to their names game set as a 2Do on Purple Mash.
Two star - Name the shape and the properties

Three star - Name the shape and the properties and think about its uses


If you would like an extra challenge today, I have attached a range of 3D shape nets for you to make your own 3D shapes. Or you could conduct a 3D shape hunt...just like Mrs Bignell has done.


Mrs Bignell goes on a 3D shape hunt

Still image for this video

Thursday 21st May
WALT: know the names and properties of 2D shapes


Today we are going to look at 2D shapes. We covered this briefly whilst we were at school but we would like to spend a little longer learning about them so you are all secure with this knowledge. 

There is a PowerPoint for you to look at - it will remind you of the names of 2D shapes we need to know and their properties.



Once you have worked your way through the PowerPoint, I have found some shape songs that you could listen to. Sometimes learning facts to music helps them find their way in to our long term memory.


Decide how confident you are with this topic and choose an activity below.


One star - Complete 2Do set on Purple Mash to match the shape to the name.

Two star - 

Three star - Create a poster or booklet that you could use to teach someone else all abotu 2D shapes and their properties.


You could also complete a 2D shape hunt in your garden or out on your walk. Just like Mrs Bignell has done below in a video for you.

Mrs Bignell on a 2D shape hunt

Still image for this video

Wednesday 20th May
WALT: Read and use scales accurately - temperature


Well done for completing your learning yesterday - you all did very well. Today we are still looking at temperature but instead of finding out what temperature the thermometer is showing, we are going to be given the temperature and we need to mark it on the thermometer ourselves. a

Remember to read the scales carefully and use yesterday's video to recap the scales if you are unsure. 

Please choose either the one, two OR three star activity from the document below.

Today there is also a challenge for you. 


Use this website to help you find out temperatures around the world.


Where is the hottest temperature today? Where has the coldest temperature? Can you find 5 cities around the world and record their temperatures for today. You could even find these cities on a world map such as Google Earth.

Tuesday 19th May
WALT: Read and use scales accurately - temperature

I have created a video below for you to watch that will explain your learning for today.

Reading thermometer scales

Still image for this video

Now that you have watched the video, please complete one of the tasks below - either one, two or three stars depending on how confident you are. You can upload any work to your my work area on Purple Mash. 


I have also attached a temperature game that you could play at home. It does suggest to print out the game but I think you could try to play it on screen too if you don't have a printer at home. Or maybe you could even make your own temperature board game.

Monday 18th May
WALT: Find a duration of time


Today we will be learning about to work out the duration of an activity. You will be given a start time and an end time, you will then need to work out how much time has passed. Watch the video below and I will explain further.


Still image for this video

Choose the one, two or three star activity to complete and if you'd like to challenge yourself once you have finished, you can create your own daily timetable. Fill in the event taking place, draw the time it started and finished on the clock and then work out the duration.

You can upload any learning completed today in to your my work folder in Purple Mash.