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Week of 13/07/20

Thursday 16th July 2020

WALT observe the effect exercise has on our heartbeat

Sports Day!

For this session you will need:

  • To be wearing comfortable clothes
  • A timer and someone to help you do it
  • The heartbeat worksheet


The 4 Sports Day activities

1. Run between two places (you can choose the distance)

2. Balance on one leg

3. Jump over a pair of shoes

4. Walk between the two places balancing something on your head


You can choose to do each activity for 30 seconds, 1 minute or 2 minutes. Whatever you choose, you have to do for all of them.

You now need to check your heart while you are sitting still, before exercise. If you don't know how to find your pulse, click on the link below.

Start a minute timer and count out loud how many beats of your heart you can feel. Write this down on your heartbeat worksheet.


Muscles are like elastic bands and if they aren't warmed up before exercise then they can snap! Do the fun animal warm up below and then you'll be ready to start your Sports Day.

Warm Up

Now you are ready to start! TAKE PICTURES!!


Use the heartbeat worksheet to record how many times your heart beats in one minute after you complete each activity. Go through activities 1 to 4, have a long rest and then complete them again.



What did you notice?

Which activity made your heart pump the most?

Which activity did you enjoy the most?