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Week of 04/05/20

Thursday 7th May 2020

WALT spell words with -le at the end 

WALT spell words with the /r/ sound spelt 'wr'


Your first task for English today is to log on to Purple Mash and complete the spelling test which has been set as a 2Do. You only have to do one but if you want to try two, then go for it!

*The test may not allow you to put an apostrophe in for they're so not to worry if you get it marked as wrong. We know that you know that one should be in there.*


Next, you need to choose your spelling list and activity for this week. The one star spellings are words that end in -le (if you are in Miss Brown's group, try to do these as we missed out doing them at school). The two and three star spellings are words that start with the r sound but are spelt with 'wr'.



I have made a crossword for you to put your spelling words into. Use the clues to help you work out where each word should go. You will need to spell it correctly for it all the fit in the boxes.

Afterwards, you can write silly sentences using your spelling words.

For example: 

King Bing went into battle wearing just his spotty pants.



When you see wr together at the start of a word, don't say the w.

Ignore it.

Just say r.

(Poor w!)


I have set a 2Do quiz for spelling words with the r sound but are spelt using wr. It is multiple choice so pick the spelling that is correct for all of the words in the sentence. Read carefully!


Once finished, I challenge you to write a paragraph about anything you like but you must try to use as many of this week's spelling words as possible.

Friday and over the weekend

Read or listen to chapters 3, 4 and 5 of James and the Giant Peach ready for next week.

Wednesday 6th May 2020

WALT familiarise ourselves with James and the Giant Peach


We know lots of you have started reading the book and are using your endangered animal bookmarks to keep track of where you are up to. If you would like to watch the film and have Disney+, then it is on there too. We won't be reading the book but will be taking little parts from it to help us with our learning.


Below is a lovely video of someone reading the whole book out loud. He has got a calm, soothing voice so it might be a nice idea to listen to it before you go to bed like an audiobook.


For today, you can listen to chapter 1. 


James and the Giant Peach - full audiobook

Choose the one, two or three star piece of work to complete about how the Aunts have been described in Chapter 2.

Tuesday 5th May 2020

WALT retrieve and infer information from a text


Today, you have a text to read about Roald Dahl's best book and you have some questions to answer afterwards. The one, two and three star reading comprehensions are in the same document. You only need to do one of them.

What do you think Roald Dahl's best book is? 

Extra activity

Roald Dahl is a favourite author for many people because of the amazing, unforgettable books he has written. He has lots of quotes, taken from his writing, that people really enjoy. His lovely quotes link nicely to this month's value which is positivity. They bring a smile to my face when I read them and make feel warm and fuzzy!


I have saved a few here for you to look at. If you click on the picture it will get bigger for you to see.


If you would like to, you could find a Roald Dahl quote that you like and design a picture for it, taking inspiration from the ones below. I've also added some Roald Dahl quote colouring sheets.

Monday 4th May 2020

WALT research a significant figure


Today is the start of our learning using the story of James and the Giant Peach.

Before we start on the book, we need to get to know the very famous and significant author - Roald Dahl. He wrote so many books and some of them will be very familiar to you, especially the ones that have been made into popular films.



Research Roald Dahl and find at least 5 fun facts. Present your facts however you would like to. You can be as creative as want to be!

Here are some ideas and examples of what you could do.


This little girl made a video about him -


You could make a powerpoint:


You could make your own Did You Know? cards like these:


Your 2Do to practise your spellings for this week has opened now. You have two sets of spellings to choose from. You only have to do one but if you want to practise two then go for it!

WALT spell common exception words




WALT spell homophones and near-homophones