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Week of 04/05/20

Tuesday 5th May 2020

WALT name and describe the habitats of invertebrates


Today we are going to continue with our learning about small creatures - bugs! Some of you went on a bug hunt, made bug hotels and created animal feeders which were all lovely to see.


If you haven't done this yet and you would like to, please have a look at the natural world powerpoint from World Earth Day. I have linked it below.

What is a bug?

They are small creatures without a backbone. They are called invertebrates.

Can you name any of the invertebrates below?

Can you name the minibeasts?

How many bugs are named in this part of James and the Giant Peach?

Below is the 1 and 2 star work for science today. You may need to use the information above to help you remember what an invertebrate is.

Draw a picture of an invertebrate, name it and describe the habitat where it lives.

Learn about some minibeasts and their habitats in this video

Bug yoga