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Week of 04/05/20


WALT tell the time - o'clock and half past


We are going to start our learning about telling the time today. In Year 1 you should have learnt to tell the time for o'clock and half past so this lesson is to help you remember and start you practising again.



Last week, Gabi made this moving clock and shared it on our Year 2 chit-chat blog. We think it is great and it will really help with telling the time over the next few lessons. If you wanted to make something like this then on Pinterest there are lots of ideas and how-tos.

How to tell the time - o'clock and half past

This is another example of how you could make a clock. The little boy uses this clock to help him learn how to tell the time for o'clock and half past.

If it is o'clock, the long minute hand is at 12 and the short hour hand is pointing to the hour.

So... 7 o'clock the long hand is at the 12 and the short hand is at the 7.


If it is half past, the long minute hand is at 6 and the short hour hand is half way past the number.

So... half past 7 the long hand is at the 6 to show that we have had 30 minutes past the hour and the short hand is in between the 7 and the 8.




On Purple Mash, click Home > Maths > Time > Telling the time quiz.

Here you will be able to practise telling the time for o'clock and half past the hour.


Other games to help practise

  • Time - whole hours in order
  • Time - whole hours mixed
  • Time - half past 


WALT answer arithmetic style questions

Yesterday, you practised finding fractions of amounts so hopefully you will be successful in the fraction questions in today's work! Please choose either the one, two or three star arithmetic below. Time yourself and see if you can beat someone else! The answers are on the sheet so you can mark them yourself to see what you have scored. Good luck!


Also, I have challenged you all on TT Rockstars. I dare you to try and beat me! yes

1. Log in to your TT Rockstars account

2. Click the play button at the top of your screen

3. Click Rockslam

4. Then in the challenge from others there should be a challenge sent from Miss Brown under the 'new' tab.


AND Fractonio's Pizzeria is a fun game on Purple Mash to practise more fractions.


WALT find fractions of amounts

We thought that it would be good to have a little recap of finding fractions of amounts based on your arithmetic last week. Below you will see the one, two and three star work with video help for how to find halves, quarters, thirds.

Finding half and quarter

Still image for this video

Finding thirds

Still image for this video

Watch the videos above to help you remember how to find fractions of amounts. It is important that you do the calculations so that you can follow the steps easily.

Divide with the denominator then multiply with the numerator yes


WALT make patterns with shapes


We are nearly finished our position and direction learning so today we are going to be looking at making patterns with shapes. We can use all the new words that we have learnt over the last week to help us recognise how the patterns have been made.