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Week of 04/05/20

Thursday 7th May 2020

WALT prepare for VE day celebrations

Today we have some more activities for you to get you in to the VE day celebration spirit. There are two dances that you can learn and we would love to see how you get on with these. Record your final performance or even while you are learning it so we can see the 'bloopers'. Think of it as your indoor PE dance lesson smiley


Other options

  • I have set a 2Do on Purple Mash to write a diary entry. Imagine that you are a child taking part in the very first VE day. There are street parties with lots of food, laughter, dancing and singing. You have just had 6 years of living during World War 2 so this day is very special.
  • If you want to, there is a reading comprehension about the 75th VE Day celebrations. The one, two and three star questions are in the same document so choose the one that you would like to do. 
  • There is also a template to create a maths board game. Just like now, lots of people stayed inside their homes to keep safe from the war. They played lots of board games with family to keep themselves occupied. If you would like to make your own maths board game then of course you can.

VE Day Dance Tutorial

What better way to celebrate than to dance! Learn this VE Day wartime dance and perform it for us all to see. You could even try and persuade your family to do it all together.
It is broken down into two parts, the first part is easier than the second.

Charleston Stroll for VE Day 75 Celebrations

Learn these Charleston dance moves to celebrate VE day. The moves start at 5 minutes in to the video. I have added the instructions underneath this video.

Royal British Legion activity pack

Wednesday 6th May 2020

WALT prepare for VE day celebrations


On Friday 8th May, it is the 75th anniversary of VE day.

VE day is short for Victory in Europe day.


On the 7th May 1945, the battle in Europe during World War 2 was over! The Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, made the next day a public holiday so people could celebrate. The whole country celebrated with huge street parties and everyone was dancing and singing together. 

Even though we can't have street parties at the moment, it would be lovely to still celebrate VE day at home. You could have a party picnic in your garden, at your table or even on the living room floor!

Get prepared for your VE day celebrations by making decorations and putting them around your house. You could start on some VE day baking and cooking too! Take some pictures of what you get up to.


Every good party needs food, decorations and dancing. Don't you agree?


Monday 4th May 2020

WALT observe deaf awareness week


This week it is deaf awareness week so we need to think about what it is like to be deaf and find out all the different ways people can communicate even though they may not be able to hear.


What does it mean to be deaf?

Being deaf can mean lots of things but this word is used for when people have lost some or all of their hearing.


What happens when you can't hear?

Deaf people can still communicate in lots of the ways we all do. They can text, email, write a letter and use their body to explain what they mean.


Sign language is a way for deaf people to communicate with others. People who can hear, can also use sign language.


We would love to see your sign language that you learn this week. Record a video of yourself and upload it to Purple Mash.

Miss Brown's try is at the bottom of this page. laugh

Ashley is able to still talk to the other two people because he is using British Sign Language. He uses his hands and facial expressions to show what he is saying. 

You may have seen programmes on the television with a person in the corner doing sign language. They are doing this so people who cannot hear, can still enjoy the programme.

Can you sign the alphabet?

Can you learn how to greet people?

If you click on the link below it will take you to a fun, summery song that you can learn using sign language. 

There are other songs on there too if you would like to learn them instead. There is a robot dance which is cool smiley

Learn lots of Makaton signs and words with Mr Tumble's video

Miss Brown trying to learn Makaton!

Still image for this video
I think I might need more practise watching Mr Tumble!