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Week of 01/06/20


WALT find change


For this lesson you will be using your number bonds to 100, addition and subtraction learning to help you find change from £1. Have a practise of your number bonds from Monday's lesson if you would like to.


The reason you need your number bonds to 100 for money is because...

£1 = 100p


A banana costs 30p and you have a £1 coin.

Steps to success!

1. Change the £1 into 100p

2. Write down a subtraction calculation 100 - 30 =

3. Use your number bond knowledge

4. How much change will you get back?

5. Write your answer using pence (p)


There has been 2Dos set on Purple Mash. Complete the star that you feel the most comfortable with.

Apply it!

Now that you have had a little practise of giving change, let's have some fun.

Set up a shop, cafe or anything else you like using the things that you have around your house. You can label up your objects with different prices or design a menu. You could even make pretend money and a till!


Ask the other people in your house to come to your shop and buy. It's your job as the shopkeeper to add up the price of what they want, see what money they give you and then give them back the correct change.


1 star

Label your things with multiples of 10p and 5p.

Let people buy up to 3 things using £1.


2 star

Label your things with prices under £1.

Let people buy up to 3 things. They may need to give you more than £1


3 star

Label your things with some prices being over £1

Let people buy as much as they want - remember to write it down so you can add it all up!


Can't wait to see the photos of your role play on Purple Mash!


WALT make amounts using coins and notes



I have put together a few games to play on Twinkl Go to help you remember the coins and notes (pounds and pence).

In the last game, you are counting money and can choose to either do the 1 star, 2 star or 3 star activity.

Log in using this code - MB1823

You can log on to Twinkl Go (see 1 star) to practise counting money before completing your 2Do set on Purple Mash.


You can complete the Twinkl Go and the 2Do if you would like to.


WALT practise place value within 100


Place value is extremely important in maths. It tells you what each digit is worth when it is in a number.


The 2 shows how many tens there are.

The 5 shows how many ones there are.

So there are 2 tens and 5 ones.



The 1 shows how many hundreds there are.

The 0s show that there are no tens or ones - they are place holders.


In our lessons we talk about place value all the time when we are talking about numbers so it is nothing new. It is always good to practise our skills so I have selected a few games for you to try on Twinkl Go.

Log in using this code - MB1734

Now use your detective place value and number skills to crack some codes...


WALT practise number bonds

 Number bonds to 20


First, there is a 2Do to practise your number bonds to 20. It is a matching game where you need to find the pairs of numbers that add up to 20. The game also tests your memory!

 Number bonds to 100

Number bonds to 100


Search for NUMBOTS in Google and use your TT Rockstars log in.


Story mode - practise the skills and get lots of coins!

Challenge mode - the more answers you get correct, the more chance of unlocking the next level and winning coins.

CHALLENGE 15 is number bonds to 100.


How to log into NUMBOTS

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