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Week ending 12th November 2021

This week we have been focusing on money. We have explored coins and notes, found totals, selected coins, compared amounts and made the same amount using different coins. Please complete the work for your child's set. 


Mrs Sherzad's Set

WALT select coins


Please make the amounts using real coins and notes. Take a photograph of your work and upload to Purple Mash. If you do not have sufficient coins or notes, you may instead draw the coins and noted used. 


*  68p     73p    19p     31p     95p

** £1.25     £1.36     £2.87     £2. 99     £3.64

*** £10.21     £5.34     £6.66     £12.75     £17.71


Have fun and please remember to return the money to your parents ;-)