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Week Beginning 25.03.20

25th March 2020 - read chapter 10 of How to Train Your Dragon: Thor'sday Thursday. Complete the quiz on Purple Mash. There are no page numbers so you will just have to use the text to guide you. There are a variety of questions so you will need to use many of the VIPERS (vocabulary, inference, predict, explain, retrieve & summarise) skills.
Thursday 26th March 2020 - Please re-read chapter 10 of 'How to Train Your Dragon': Thor'sday Thursday. When reading, look carefully at the language the author uses to describe the characters. When finished, go on Purple Mash and complete the quiz by choosing the correct adjectives that are used to describe the characters. 
Friday 27th March - We are again focusing on chapter 10 of How to Train Your Dragon so please re-read the chapter, closely reading the direct speech. Once you have finished, complete the quiz on Purple Mash. You will need to sort the direct speech according to whether Hiccup or Toothless said it. Order the statements on each side in alphabetical order.