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Week Beginning 18.01.21

Monday 18th January 2021

WALT explore the meaning of words in context

Begin today’s lesson by reading Chapter 5 of The Lie Tree:  ‘Skulls and Crinolines’. This can accessed on Purple Mash in the ‘Ask a Teacher’ blog.

Once you have read the chapter:

  1. Read the words below in the sentences and try and think of a definition for each one. Please do not look at the definition in a dictionary yet as this is our next step.
  2. Once you have your definition, now you can look up the word in a dictionary. Write this in the dictionary definition box.
  3. Then say whether your definition was correct or at least close to the actual definition.
  4. For an extra challenge, now you know what it means, write your own sentence including this word.

Tuesday 19th January 2021

WALT retrieve information from texts to help us participate in discussions about the texts we read

In today's lesson we are going to be focusing on using our retrieval skills to help us understand more about a topical discussion: women's rights and place in society. 


To begin with, we saw lots of evidence that suggests that in Victorian times, women were seen as inferior (of less importance or value) to men. You will need to use your retrieval skills to find 3 pieces of evidence that shows Victorian society thinks this.


Then we will look at the opposite side to this argument and you will need to retrieve some evidence from the text that shows women aren't inferior to men. Once you have retrieved this, you will rank your evidence from best to worst in terms of showing why women aren't inferior to men.


The attached documents show how you could set your work out - or you could type into this and upload to PurpleMash.

Wednesday 20th January 2021

WALT identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning

Authors choose the words and language they use very carefully. Did you know, J.K Rowling took 6 years to write her first Harry Potter book? This is probably because she was choosing her words so carefully. Authors need to get meaning across to you and this is done through their language.

However, it’s not always just in the language. Think about conversations we have in everyday life. We don’t just take meaning from the spoken words, we take meaning from the way that someone says something or the actions or gestures they make. This is the same in books. So therefore, we need to look carefully, beyond the spoken words and think about how authors present and structure their writing too.


The questions within the attached document will help you try and explore the presentation and structure of writing, as well as the language that is used. Remember to try and look out for all these elements when answering.

Thursday 21st January 2021

WALT summarise the main points of a chapter

Start today’s lesson by reading Chapter 6 ‘Yellow Eyes’ of The Lie Tree. This can be found on PurpleMash in the ‘Ask a Teacher’ blog.


Once you have read this chapter, you need to imagine that you are telling your friend, who hasn’t read Chapter 6, what happens.

Summarise the chapter into 5 main points.

Now, I think that was a little bit too easy for you - it's only a short chapter. I want you to now reduce those 5 main points into 3. Remember summaries are meant to be short and concise.


As an extra challenge, once you have summarised the 3 main points from Chapter 6, can you transform the story?

How would you have dealt with one of the situations that happened in Chapter 6 differently? How might this have changed the story? 


Attached is a document that you could type into and upload to PurpleMash. Alternatively, just write your summary and ideas on a piece of paper.

Friday 22nd January 2021

WALT summarise the main events of a story so far

Yesterday you had a go at summarising Chapter 6 of The Lie Tree. Today, we are going to make this even more challenging. I’d like you to now think about everything we have read from The Lie Tree so far. Like yesterday, summarise the 5 main points of the story so far.


Once you have done this, reduce this down to the 3 main points.


As an extra challenge, I’d like you to now summarise, in no more than 5 sentences, a story about yourself/ an event related to one of the main events that is included in your summary above.

For example, if you’ve said that one of the main points of this story so far is that Faith is very clever and mischievous but she’s underestimated by other people, you might summarise a time when you were mischievous or a time when you were underestimated.


Attached is a document that you could type into and upload to PurpleMash. Alternatively you could write your summary and ideas down on a piece of paper.