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Week Beginning 15.06.20

Thursday 18th June

WALT explore the human geography of Australia


Today we are going to focus on human geography. Put simply, it's all about the people who live there! 

Please open the PowerPoint or PDF below and read through the information all about the people of Australia: 


Using the PowerPoint and research of your own we would like you to create your own version of the PowerPoint to explain to other children who Australians are and where they live. You can magpie ideas and images from the PowerPoint but you MUST NOT just copy sentences or paragraphs without putting them in to your own words. You can add your own information that you research too. 

If you don't have access to PowerPoint please use 2Publish or 2Publish Plus on Purple Mash to complete your work. Alternatively you could make a poster and take a photo to add to your Work folder on Purple Mash. 

Whichever option you choose please include a map of Australia with the main cities and capital city labelled - you should mark them on and label them yourself. 


We look forward to seeing your learning on Purple Mash


Friday 19th June

WALT: describe how some of the values held by communities or individuals affect behaviour and actions  


You task for today is to watch a short video clip to learn about the value of cleanliness to Muslims. Then create a poster to explain how and why Muslims keep clean. Using both text and pictures, you will need to explain each point that is covered in the video clip. Please take a photograph of your poster and upload it to the 'My Work' folder in Purple Mash.