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Week Beginning 08.06.20

Religious Education - Islam

Friday 12th June 2020

WALT: discuss and give opinions on stories involving morals


Please use the link to open the website: Quran Stories for Kids and read the story: Tale of a Fish.


Today we are going to be exploring and interpreting the theme/moral of the story. The theme/moral is an idea/lesson that can be applied to life, and in most stories it is not stated. Instead it must be inferred by the reader. In many stories, there can be more than one theme/moral that could be interpreted in different ways. The theme/moral comes from the way that the characters  (usually the main character) change and grow throughout the story. Looking at how the main character responds in various situations can give you clues to the theme/moral of the story. The whole point of having a theme/moral in a story is that the author is trying to give the reader something that he or she can apply in life. For example: good friends are always there for each other, never give up, tell the truth and think before you act. 


Your task today is to read the story and complete the worksheet, thinking deeply about the questions posed. Please upload your completed work to the 'My Work' folder on Purple Mash.