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Week Beginning 06.07.20

Design Technology

Friday 10th July 2020

WALT: test different design ideas


Linking to our English text 'Cosmic', your task this week is to test out different paper airplanes to find out which design criteria is most effective for flight.


For this experiment, you are going to chose five different designs of plane. Look at the suggested website for design ideas and  for instructions on how to make them. You can use any design you like, as long as they are different and you don't use any scissors or tape to make them. You are going to test which designs fly the furthest. On a safety note, some of the designs have a sharp point so do not throw them at anybody's face!



  • A4 paper to make your planes.
  • A large and long space (garage, hallway, living room). You can fly them outside but it must be on a day with no wind.
  • A long tape measure (ask your parents to check their toolbox).
  • A table to record your results in (see attachment).


  1. Make a paper airplane of each type. Take your time to make sure that they are made precisely.
  2. You should practice throwing each type to make sure that you are throwing with the same amount of force and speed as a fair test.
  3. Do a test five times for each type of plane and note the results on your chart.
  4. Try to use the same plane for all five throws so it's a fair test, but if it gets damaged, make and use another.


  • You should work out the average distance flown for each type of plane in your paper airplane experiment (total distance of all 5 tests/5)
  • After you have worked out the average for each, you can plot a bar chart by either drawing on on squared paper or create one using 2Graph on Purple Mash.
  • Write a conclusion of your results. Which planes flew the furthest? Why do you think they were the best fliers? What is the best design criteria for a paper airplane? For some tips, please see the NASA site for some advice on the Laws of Aerodynamics.
  • There are many more experiments you can perform with paper airplanes. Maybe this is the first step on you journey to being an airplane engineer or designer!


Upload your photographs, results table, bar chart and conclusion to the ‘My Work’ folder on Purple Mash.