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Week Beginning 04.05.20

Thursday 7th May 2020
WALT understand and celebrate VE (Victory in Europe) Day.

World War 2 was an awful conflict, which started in 1939, that resulted with millions of deaths and many more wounded and injured, both civilians and soldiers alike.

On the 8th May 1945, Britain and its allies had won and peace returned to Europe. The people of Britain on this day celebrated the news with great joy and happiness. Today, we are going to be learning a bit more about VE day, why it is important event in British History and what we can do to celebrate VE day.

Open the document below with the WALT to get started. 

Wednesday 6th May 2020

WALT sketch and colour a dragon’s eye.
We are coming to the end of our book “How To Train Your Dragon” and we thought it would

be lovely to do some art work based on the book. We are going to have a go at attempting to draw a dragon’s eye. Open the document to find the link to the website to get started! We can't wait to see what you can come up with!!

Monday 4th May 2020
WALT locate Australia and compare its size to other countries and continents.

Today is the start of a new topic - Australia!

In this first lesson about Australia, we are going to look at it compared to other countries and continents around the world. There are no chilli challenges for this lesson as the task is about general information about Australia. So follow this document and the PowerPoint carefully. smiley

Australia Powerpoint Video with Mr Morris Audio!

Still image for this video