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Week Beginning 04.01.21

Friday 8th January 2021

WALT: Use our VIPERs skills to answer questions about a text


All the questions in the document below can be found in chapter 3 of the Lie Tree. Again if there are any unfamiliar words you can use a dictionary (including online ones) to help you.

Thursday 7th January


For today's reading session we would just like for you to read chapter 3 of The Lie Tree. As this book does contain a lot of technical vocabulary, please use a dictionary to make a note of any unfamiliar words you come across. This will be really beneficial and expand your knowledge of unusual vocabulary.

Wednesday 6th January 2021


Due to chapters 1 and 2 being quite long and some questions on the tricky side, we will let you have this reading session to complete it or double check over your answers. Once the answer sheet is uploaded below you can mark them and upload to purple mash.

Tuesday 5th January 2021 

WALT: Use our knowledge of VIPERS to answer questions based on a text


Please read chapters 1 and 2 of the Lie Tree and answer the questions below. The questions are a mixture of:








Answers will follow on shortly.