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Week Beginning 01.02.21

Monday 1st February 2021

WALT write the days and months.

Today’s French lesson is a live lesson at 10am. The activities below are part of the lesson by Mademoiselle Baldwin. Have these ready so that your lesson can run as smoothly as possible.

Head on over to the Year 5 French section for the lesson activities!

Tuesday 2nd February 2021
WALT understand where the Vikings settled and what their settlements looked like.

Today we will be looking at the Vikings for History. We studied about the Vikings last term and one of our last lessons was looking at where the Vikings came from. However, today, we will be looking at where they settled in Britain. We will also look at why they settled in Britain and what their settlements looked like.

Open the documents below to see what you need to do today.

Wednesday 3rd February 2021
WALT answer the question “Are Sikh stories important today?”

This term we have looked into many aspects of Sikhism and it’s importance to Sikhs and the wider community. But the question you need to answer is “Are Sikh stories important today and do we need to keep Sikhism in our curriculum?” Last lesson, you had access to some Sikh stories, you can refer back to this for this lesson, if you need a refresher.

Open the documents below to find out what you need to do today.

Thursday 4th February 2021
WALT draw in detail using Canaletto’s techniques.

Last lesson you learnt about Canaletto who was famous for his paintings. These paintings really grasped a real sense of the scene and critics say that his paintings were as close as photographs as you can get.

Watch the video below, then open the documents to know what you need to do today.

Canaletto Video for Art Lesson