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Tuesday 14th July

WALT: write a recount of our life during lock down

Today you are going to be writing about your lock down experience.

üYou will be writing in the first person.

üYou can write it as a Diary (pick one day) or a recount

üYou can either hand write it or type your work 

üYou can use each of these questions for your themes for each paragraph/section


What has life been like during lockdown?
What was different? 
What have you missed?
What are you looking forward to doing?


Some things that you could include:
•Not able to go to school
•Doing all your school work at home
•Not being able to see family and friends until recently
•Spending a lot more time at home
•Some of you have got new pets, tried out new things/hobbies
•Zoom chats with friends/family.


There is a template which you can use to write your recount.