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WALT explore 2-D shapes through tangrams


A tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle that is made up of 7 shapes which fit together to make a square.

The shapes:

2 large right angled triangles

1 medium right angled triangle

2 small right angle triangles

1 small square

1 parallelogram


Use your knowledge of properties of 2-D shapes to help you complete the challenges below. You can turn and flip the shapes if you need to.


Have fun investigating these tangram pieces. We would love to see what you can create!

Print a tangram

Make your own tangram

Challenge 1

Once you have carefully cut out your tangram, throw the pieces up in the air! Collect them back up and try to create a square using the 7 smaller shapes.

Challenge 2

Use the outline of the shapes to help you create the animals.

Challenge 3

You won't believe me when I tell you this but....

Every letter of the alphabet as a capital and lower case can be made using the tangram pieces!

You challenge is to try and create as many as you can.


I will post the answers of how to do it at 3pm!