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Wednesday 3rd

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

WALT: explore and find equivalent fractions


We would love if you could join us for our live lesson this morning at 11.00am. We will be continuing our unit of work on Fractions.


If you cannot join us this time, please work through the PowerPoint below and choose a challenge to work through before submitting your work to Purple Mash.

Recap - Here is a video that explains Unit and Non Unit Fractions and a link to the BBC Bitesize page with further information and activities

Unit and Non Unit Fractions

Still image for this video

Independent Activities


Choose one of the following:


* MILD - Write the shaded fraction for each rectangle. Optional: Cut each section out

Match the rectangles with the equivalent amount shaded by sticking each equivalent set together on a piece of paper OR drawing a line to match them


** SPICY - Shade the second shape to be equivalent to the first. Write the equivalent fractions.


*** HOT -  Write the fraction of each shape that is shaded and draw a line to match each equivalent fraction.


Please upload your completed work to your folder on Purple Mash smiley



You can follow Mrs Richardson in the lesson to make a Fraction Wall OR watch the video instructions below OR use the Fraction Wall template below


Then can you complete the Fraction Wall True or False challenge below.

How to make a Fraction Wall

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own fraction wall.