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10:30 – 11:10 – PE with Mr Beaumont on

You can watch this video at any time on Twitter once the lesson has been recorded.



WALT: Measure distance travelled

Paper Plane Challenge



  • First make a paper airplane. Make sure you fold it really carefully!

There are some folding instructions for more unusual planes here:

  • Throw your paper plane and measure how far it has travelled. (Measure in cm using a tape measure if you can. If you don’t have a tape measure at home, measure how many of your feet it has travelled – step heel toe.) 
  • Repeat the throwing and measuring 5 times. Record each result on a piece of paper.
  • Then answer these questions:
    • What is the furthest your plane travelled?
    • What is the shortest distance your plane travelled?
    • Choose one of your measurements. If the plane had flown 18cm (or 3 feet), further how far would it have flown?
    • How much further is the longest distance than the shortest distance?


Extra challenge

  • For an extra challenge, make another paper plane (either of the same design or different one) and repeat the above.
  • Did you get the same results? Why might that be? Write some sentences comparing how the different planes fly. Which flies further? Faster? Straighter? Is better at tricks?





WALT: Imitate a poem


We love this poem written by Celia Warrren.

Read the poem out loud. What do you notice?


We would like you imitate the poem by using the same structure but changing the names. Write down the names of your family members and then think of an adjective that starts with the same letter to create your own lines.


e.g. Ben Worm is bouncy and bubbly,

      Laura Worm is lively and lovely


Write your new poem out in your neatest, cursive handwriting and decorate with a beautiful border.


We would love to see your poems. Submit them via the ‘My Work’ section on Purple Mash.