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Wednesday 13th

Wednesday 13th January 2021

WALT: identify the features of a diary


We would love if you could join us for our live lesson this morning at 9.30am. We will be continuing our work on the short film called ‘The Lighthouse’


If you cannot join us this time, please work through the resources below and choose a challenge to work through before submitting your work to Purple Mash



Can you identify and correct the mistakes in

the sentences below:


1)They was all shouting and laughing down there at the tavern.


2) I were so worried, I didn’t know what to do.


3) It were the lamp you see, it were broken and them ships wouldn’t see us.


4) I done my best to fix it but it slipped right out of me hands.


5) Then they shown up, God bless them. We done it.


(Answers on the PowerPoint) 


Look at the text examples below: 


What genre of writing is this?

How are they written?

Think about person/ tense/ formality and structure…

They are diaries.


Here is a checklist of key features of diaries. Today we will be identifying them in examples. 


Genre Checklist: Diary Entries

Date recorded

Written in first person

Events in chronological order

Time Conjunctions

Organised into paragraphs

Describes thoughts and feelings

Informal language

Independent Activities


Pick an activity to complete from the list below to complete: 


* Mild – Can you use the genre checklist below to highlight examples of key diary features in the ‘Captain Apparatus’ WAGOLL?


** Spicy – Can you use the genre checklist to highlight and label examples of key diary features in the WAGOLL?


*** Hot – Can you choose a diary entry from the website and then use the genre checklist to find and copy examples?