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Wednesday 10th February

WALT make a prediction


Today we will read the end of 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers and think about what could happen next. What adventures could the boy and the starfish go on? Where could they go? What could they do? Who could they meet?


There has been a 2Do set, where each page can be a different prediction. In the live lesson I will show you how to get around the 2Do.

Live lesson Powerpoint


On Purple Mash there is a 2Do for this lesson. On the page, write what you think the boy and the starfish will get up to as their first adventure. You can design the drawing, add sounds and animations to make you prediction exciting and like real life. If you click the arrow in the bottom right, you will be able to add another page for another one of your ideas.


When you are writing your predictions, you need to try to include a variety of conjunctions. Conjunctions link two parts of a sentence together.


Coordinating conjunctions

The boy met the starfish at the park and they go on the slide together.

Each part of the sentence could make sense on its own. The conjunction joins the ideas together.


Subordinating conjunctions

The boy waited for the starfish while he ate his ice cream. 

While he ate his ice cream the boy waited for the starfish.