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W.B 29.06.20

Hello Year 1 Children and Grown ups,


This week in English we are going to explore the story ‘Back to Earth with a Bump’. The story is in a PowerPoint presentation for you to read and share with someone in your household.

Below are this week’s activities for you to work through in any order that you choose.


Build a Den


Create and build your own den that you could travel to space in. You might want to take photos of your den or draw it.

Read and Colour


Follow the instructions to colour in the planets.

Reading Comprehension


Read the story again and answer the questions. Remember that reading comprehension isn’t a memory game and you can use the story to find the answers as many times as you need to.

Design your Own Planet


Use the template below to create your own planet. Think about using lots of adjectives in your descriptions.

Writing Questions


Think about and write questions that you would like to ask Hal about his adventure up into space to find the sun. You can use the writing template, write on your own paper or type the questions.


Challenge –imagine that you are Hal and write answers to your questions. You might want to write down your answers or perform them and be filmed.

Write your Own Story About a Trip to Space (This activity may take 2 days to complete)


Create your own story about a trip to space. What is your mission? Do you achieve your mission? Who is going to space with you? How do you get there?


There are templates attached for recording your story either as a book or story board.


Challenge – can you create a front cover and blurb for your story?