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W.B 29.06.20

Hello Year 1 Children and Grown - Ups,


Below is a list of this week's topic activities for you to explore and complete.





It is important to look after our bodies and our mind.

Take a look at the suggested activities below and choose 1 or more to complete either in one day or throughout the week. Think about how you are feeling and remember to talk to grown - ups about how you are feeling.


-Mindful colouring (sheets below)

-Complete a puzzle

-Play a board game

-Do some exercise

-Read a story

-Yoga (Cosmic Yoga for kids is available on YouTube)


You might want to upload photos of you completing your mindfulness activities on your class blog.





Log into your Charanga music account and continue working through the activities. Aim to spend around 20 exploring the music and tasks.

You may want to share your opinions on your class blog.


Word Processing


Continue to develop your word processing skills. Type 3 - 5 sentences about yourself.

Can you change the font, size and colour of your writing?


Colour Scavenger Hunt


Use the sheet below to identify things around you that are a particular colour. You may want to complete this with objects in your home or go outside and explore.